Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lower Manhattan Tuesdays


Lower Manhattan -- that area south of Chambers Street that many only equate with courthouses, "Ground Zero", Century 21, Wall Street and being a ghost town after 5 PM or on the weekends -- is now home to the promotion Lower Manhattan Tuesdays presented by the Downtown Alliance for New York. It will run every Tuesday from May 27 to September 30.

Sign up to get your Redemption code for special deals and promotions to use at participating businesses. You can also get a promo code with 9/11 Memorial Museum tickets.

A few of my recommendations:

Stone Street Tavern -- A friend chose this restaurant as the site of my birthday dinner a few years ago. Surf and turf was enjoyed by all. The location is a draw too as I'm a sucker for cobblestone, windy streets that bring me back to Old New York.

The Iron Horse -- skip Hogs and Heifers and go here. That is all. Oh, get on the giant swing too. And I know this is about Tuesdays but if you go on Sundays and buy a drink you get a free burger. Ok now, that is all.

City Sports -- their promo is for the Run Club but while you're there buy yourself a pair of supportive and ergonomically-correct sneakers for the miles that you'll cover and track on your pedometer that you'll also buy at City Sports.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Writing Process - Blog Tour

It's unreal the number of notes that were passed in class between Glendaliz Camacho and myself between 6th and 8th grade. Not only the number of notes but the sheer volume of the written exchanges. Since then she's been published numerous times and is working on her short story collection ("La Baca" still thrills me) and will be included in an upcoming anthology. She's been a huge supporter of my blog and has wielded the red pen against my words. 

This is the cyber-version of passing a note -- Glendaliz asked me if I'd like to participate in this blog tour. It's good timing since my focus lately has been everywhere. Not in a bad way. Just that there are quite a few projects I have going on right now that are at different phases of development and taking some time to think about only my writing is needed.

Can't fight fate. We were destined to be writers. 




What are you working on?

I'm working on some stuff. 

I work to maintain this blog and it's many focuses -- the personal writing, the sex, dating and relationship writing, body image, rants on the idiocy of society, Ask Abbie, the guest posts, NY posts for my Native Creative Concierge business, Planet of the Apes -- there's a system to my Random Musings. 

I want a syndicated writing gig - a column. One that I get paid for. I need to do more work on getting that. 

The 5th anniversary edition of The Darker Side of Lust is also on my To-Do List.

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