Friday, July 29, 2016

Smokers Wanted to Participate in "Lighting Up" Photo Series

I am revisiting my "Lighting Up" photo series and I need New Yorkers to participate!

What is it? A series of photos capturing people at that moment they light up. I've always been fascinated with that moment where it's only 'you and your flame'. Everyone has their own style - a flame fingerprint, if you will.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shoot in My City, Abigail Ekue Photography

For the second half of 2016 (how is it the 2nd half of the year already??) and beyond, I will be combining my work and travel a lot more!

So I've a gotta question for you: 

Which cities should I visit for private photo shoots?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ask Abbie: Is it OK to Hold Her Hand?


Souls connecting... so why not hold hands?

Hand-Holding Harry:

Hey i need your advice's something personal.
I am married but stay alone in US.

I met a friend who is single.
I have a strong affection towards her and she feels that there is some connection of souls when we meet or talk.
I am 40 years Asian. She is Asian too..may be early 30s.
How can i tell her that I like her and I feel to sit with her at a cafe or watch a movie
and hold hands together...not really looking for sex..
pls advice how to approach...

Get Bare Men on PAPER

In one of the mysteries of cyberspace, this interview disappeared from the PAPER magazine website. 

I discovered I couldn't discover the article while I was updating the links on my photography website and reached out to the writer to find out what's what. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

How Are You So Sure? Because the Universe Provides

"How are you so sure?" I asked a friend that question, in awe of his certainty that he's where he's meant to be in life and will get every and anything he wants and needs.

He pointed to the walls of the studio where we sat and each poster on the wall had a story. He could recount all the laughs and tears and the gifts he received and things he lost. He expresses gratitude for all he has and goes through life fearlessly. Not to be confused with foolishly.

We were hanging out that day because I needed his energy. I always feel good in his presence. I feel heard and I'm guaranteed a piece of sage advice from him. 

I was on vacation a few weeks prior and questioning my direction in life. I was internalizing all the change in New York. There was this resistance in me against being the 'naked man photographer'. I was discouraged at my living situation and bank account balances. 

It's hard to look on the bright side at times and go forward knowing I will be taken care of. Even though I'm ten years removed, depression has rewired my brain. My usually optimistic, determined nature is sometimes shattered with hopelessness, despair and fear.

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