Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Views on Body Positivity

In response to a media request, I was contacted earlier this year for my thoughts on body positivity for an article in Women's Health magazine, "This Is How Women Today REALLY Feel About Getting Naked".

My direct quotes weren't used in the final article in the September 2017 issue, so I'm sharing them with you here---

The body positivity movement is all about telling women to love your body, love yourself, that any body is a bikini body, but women’s mentality hasn’t synced up to the trend. (Almost 80 percent of women say they’re not confident in a bikini—same as four years ago.) Why do you think that is?

It takes a long time to reverse thinking. The male gaze has determined what's normal and desirable for so long that it will take a long time to discredit. That can be seen in the backlash to the feminist movement - those in power are not quick to relinquish it. Also many women support the beauty ideals because of internalized sexism and misogyny. Though a woman may be body positive, unless she's surrounded by a supportive network, and not attacked by trolls and others who aren't happy with themselves it can be lonely and tough to maintain the positivity.

Read the rest here: My Views on Body Positivity

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