Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too Much To Handle

Maybe I'm just a pervert, but when I meet someone new my mind runs on sex at some point. Even when I'm not sexually attracted to them, I'll wonder what their sex life is like or how they even manage to have sex. The former and latter refers to fat people. I'm talking waddling-not-walking fat and things-getting-lost-on-your-body fat. Do they have sex? With that extra weight, what are the mechanics like? I couldn't be with a person where we have to lift parts of their body out of the way (an episode of Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic had a shower scene that amazed me). Even someone who isn't morbidly obese, are their sexual positions limited? How easy is it for them to masturbate?

On Family Guy, I wonder about Peter and Lois. Same with Fred and Wilma or Homer and Marge. Is it easier for a smaller woman to accommodate a large man? They're very few depictions of fat women with skinny men. When they are portrayed there are jokes about her smothering him or the man getting trapped between her breasts or butt cheeks. Interestingly enough, the woman still has a sex life and libido. But being overweight or obese sends your hormones out of wack, diminishes libido, causes erectile dysfunction and can affect fertility. Not to mention that sex is a physical act which requires some sort of stamina and endurance. 

Society has developed catch phrases to "deal" with this issue - more cushion for the pushin', more to love, I aint fat, I got curves - or we describe big (round and soft) dudes as teddy bears. I'll hug a teddy bear but a teddy bear doesn't make my juices flow. I've had guy friends be brutally honest with me - they don't wanna be with a "big girl". They don't want to have to hold up someone's legs cause she can't hold them up herself. Or they'll see an overweight woman, notice her pretty face and that she looks put together in her clothes but then wonder what her body looks like after things aren't being held in place by clothes or Spanx. Everyone has a preference and like everything else, there's someone out there who loves what you don't, even to the extreme - the fat fetishist.

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