Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monk And Me

I have a crush on Tony Shaloub. You know, the actor who plays Monk. I'm sad the show is ending this year. I still get my fix during the day-long marathons on USA. I do feel sorry for Sharona and Natalie sometimes when they have to deal with Monk's OCD.

OCD is a serious, debilitating mental disorder. But the term has leaked into everyday language to describe minor quirks. What are you OCD about? 

Lint. I can't tolerate lint, especially on black clothing. I will even be late for an appointment, date, whatever if I'm busy "de-linting" my pants or coat.

Skittles. I have to eat Skittles in a pattern. Not a set pattern, but whatever amount I pour into my hand, I have to make a pattern out of said Skittles and eat in that pattern. For example, say I pour 7 Skittles into my hand - 3 purples, a yellow 2 greens and a red. I have to eat those in this order: purple, green, yellow, purple, green, red, purple. I've been doing this for years. I don't even have to think about it anymore. I can have 10 Skittles in my hand and see the pattern almost instantly.

Open bags of chips or those bags of salad. Once they're opened and I'm putting away the rest, the remaining contents have to be pushed to the bottom, not forced down but lowered. Then I squeeze the air out and fold the top of the bag straight across before I put one of those bag clips on. Some folks just crumple down the top of the bag or fold the sides in then the top creating a trapezoid or triangle. I can't accept that.

I also have this thing with symmetry...

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  1. I never eat cereal in a bowl, always a cup. My boss saw me do that once at work and was like umm, you know you get better milk ditribution for the cereal in a bowl, right? LOL


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