Friday, March 13, 2009

Coming To Break You Off

Apparently, outside of dolphins, humans are the only species to have sex for recreation; we don’t have a set “mating season”. That probably would eliminate a lot of problems, but I digress...

So we have sex for fun; it feels good, relieves stress and gives skin that unbelievable glow, forms bonds, starts wars, and usually ends in orgasm(s). And we all know there are different types of O’s – vaginal, clitoral, anal, nipple. Some cause creamy ooze (male and female), others, waterfalls or high-powered hoses (Cytherea). Some anal orgasms are so intense the anus prolapses. That can be a scary sight and for some engaging in sexual congress, that’s actually the goal. Usually this all starts with kissing. The lips are very sensitive because they have a lot of nerve endings. During a kiss, all your senses are being used; you see your partner, taste them, smell them, touch them, hear them. Testosterone is coursing through the veins increasing sexual desires. After you’ve suckled the neck, you move to the breasts. There is direct nerve connection between the nipple and clit/penis, so that explains why getting your nipples played with or sucked “just right” can send a charge down your belly and cause a tingle in your pants. Nipple orgasms are possible through sex or breast-feeding and men are also capable of reaching nipple orgasms.

Now the road to that orgasm is one that is different for everyone. Your upbringing, past traumas or delights and physiological hardwiring all determine what gets you off. There’s the guy who can only get off when his partner gives him head with a finger in the back door. Men are visual, but remember the dude who 
had to have the lights on every time? The next guy you dated had to have his nipples twiddled and diddled. One of the rules is, if you wanna keep your man, better open your mouth. But your partner, you’ll never get oral sex from, ever. And let’s not forget the guy who only gets and maintains an erection if you kiss him. Don’t try to suck him, don’t try to give him a handjob, cause it aint gonna happen. I’m sure there are women out there who like to be bitten and choked or stuffed elbow deep, but when is weird too weird? What is a fetish? Are fetishes only “physical” in nature? What is your fetish?


  1. I love Cytherea! She's like Master Yoda. The force is strong within me but I need Jedi training, lol.

    It's funny that there is scientific proof that men can have an anal orgasm but it's so taboo that most men would forgo the experience.

    I think sound may be my fetish. I am not a ninja fucker; I'm a deadly killer in the bedroom but not silent. I'm more like the US Army, you'll hear me coming (pun unintentional, I swear). I have to have sounds: lips smacking, groans, moans, dirty talk, get the idea.

  2. i like to be fought and fought until i have to stop playing with her, she becomes a bit afraid of my strength, gives in and is put into the most submissive position possible. then i put it in deep where it obviously hurts her, and when she begs to change positions, I keep it there. I don't pull back a little, and I don't go any deeper, I just keep it there until she gets used to the sensation, and it goes from pain to pressure to pleasure. then i fuck life in and out of her and start to slow down until she tells me i better not stop. so i stop; with my dick still in her, not thrusting, just throbbing; i feel her pussy throb, and I don't let her push back against my dick, I hold her still right under each arm (she can't move b/c i'm much stronger). then, since i have her where i want her, i'm gonna make her agree to whatever i fancy that particular day/night/afternoon - make her dial a girlfriend, continue fucking, and see how long it takes before her girlfriend hangs up; make her say a series of sexual phrases she wouldn't normally; act out a fantasy i've daydreamed about; tell her she has to pick a number from 1-10 and that will determine where i come at/on/in; turn on the lights, open the blinds and fuck in the bed in front of the window, etc.

    So, what would we call this?

  3. if everyone's fetish was like that, no one would need therapy!


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