Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catching Up With Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

In 2007, I went to a reading of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys at KGB Bar.  I was touched by the excerpts that many of the authors read. I bought a copy of the book and got it signed by a few of the writers who read that night including Edwin John Wintle, Simon Doonan and Philip Himberg. I identified with some of the stories and simply enjoyed others. I have a gay husband who I love to death. If I weren’t married I’d marry him. We’d host lots of dinner parties and just be “extra”.

Recently, I saw the ads in various subway stations for a TV series by the same name. I haven’t seen any episodes yet. I’ll have to catch up them online. I wonder what angle that show is coming from. I’m a girl who likes boys who likes boys (the ones who don’t hate women). With a male gay friend, I get the friendship without the sexual tension. It’s different from a relationship you have with a brother or cousin and different from a platonic male-female relationship between two heteros.

The subtitle to the book is: true tales of love, lust, and friendship between straight women and gay men. I laugh at the “lust” in the title because I’ve had to remind my gay husband that I am a straight woman so when he does certain things; I can’t help but react the way a straight woman would… No, we’ve never had sex. I’ve never had sex with an openly gay man. I have had sexual encounters with bisexual men and have (and had) great friendships with bisexual men. I wonder if the series will touch on girls who like boys who like boys and girls.

That reminds me of a documentary series: The Bi-deology Project produced and directed by Arielle Loren. It’s about women who date bisexual men. Check it out with an open-mind.

Over wine with a friend a few weeks ago (oh, wine…) I mentioned that I’m probably pansexual to a degree. Anything that’s aesthetically sexual will attract me and arouse me but I don’t have the romantic attraction or sexual desire towards everyone. Romantically, and physically I’m attracted to men.

I hope Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (TV) doesn’t glamorize women who think they can convert gay men. I really hope the show does the relationship between straight women and gay men justice; it’s a beautiful thing.


  1. I think you'll end up liking the show. There's very little about bisexuality, but the friendships portrayed are honest and real.

  2. That's all I ask, that the friendships are real. I'll have to plan a block of time to watch it. Maybe I'll go over to my gay best friend's house and we'll watch!

  3. Thanks for the mention Abigail. I'm currently in the production phase of Bideology, the full feature version of The Bi-deology Project :-) Planning to premiere it in alliance with some bi organizations close to Pride week in June. So excited!

  4. I'm looking forward to it! The parts you have on your website are GREAT! You know when you start talking to the screen you're really into it :-)

    I'll spread it to my network and bring them with me to the premiere!


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