Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catching Up With Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

In 2007, I went to a reading of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys at KGB Bar.  I was touched by the excerpts that many of the authors read. I bought a copy of the book and got it signed by a few of the writers who read that night including Edwin John Wintle, Simon Doonan and Philip Himberg. I identified with some of the stories and simply enjoyed others. I have a gay husband who I love to death. If I weren’t married I’d marry him. We’d host lots of dinner parties and just be “extra”.

Recently, I saw the ads in various subway stations for a TV series by the same name. I haven’t seen any episodes yet. I’ll have to catch up them online. I wonder what angle that show is coming from. I’m a girl who likes boys who likes boys (the ones who don’t hate women). With a male gay friend, I get the friendship without the sexual tension. It’s different from a relationship you have with a brother or cousin and different from a platonic male-female relationship between two heteros.

The subtitle to the book is: true tales of love, lust, and friendship between straight women and gay men. I laugh at the “lust” in the title because I’ve had to remind my gay husband that I am a straight woman so when he does certain things; I can’t help but react the way a straight woman would… No, we’ve never had sex. I’ve never had sex with an openly gay man. I have had sexual encounters with bisexual men and have (and had) great friendships with bisexual men. I wonder if the series will touch on girls who like boys who like boys and girls.

That reminds me of a documentary series: The Bi-deology Project produced and directed by Arielle Loren. It’s about women who date bisexual men. Check it out with an open-mind.

Over wine with a friend a few weeks ago (oh, wine…) I mentioned that I’m probably pansexual to a degree. Anything that’s aesthetically sexual will attract me and arouse me but I don’t have the romantic attraction or sexual desire towards everyone. Romantically, and physically I’m attracted to men.

I hope Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (TV) doesn’t glamorize women who think they can convert gay men. I really hope the show does the relationship between straight women and gay men justice; it’s a beautiful thing.

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