Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Rant On My Job Hunt

I haven't shared any stories of my time being unemployed or on the job hunt because there hasn't been much happening. CVs and resumes sent. Nothing in response. Moments of "this job would be perfect for me!" followed by nothing. Meh. I did get a call back from a physical therapy clinic informing me I was overqualified. I was underwhelmed. Is underemployment the only option?

In January, I was contacted by reps from Infinity Consulting Solutions, Inc and Axion LLC, respectively. Anyone have any experience with them? They found my resume online and had positions for me. They called and emailed to set up interviews. My resume was even included in one of the emails they sent with particular skills and phrases highlighted, so it was apparent that they had indeed found and reviewed my resume. I returned the calls and the emails, more than once. No response.

I contacted a temp agency and set up an appointment. But there was that nagging voice in the back of my mind... I kept the appointment anyway. Didn't find out until my "intake interview" that the agency gives preference to people with disabilities. Had they mentioned that beforehand, valuable time could've been spent in a job market that's for me. I'll share with you a text that a friend sent me when they asked how it went: Disabled people at least get a check, leaving able bodied people unable to get a job. that's retarded

We're all getting frustrated.

Yesterday, I got an email from a friend with a job lead and she asked me to send her my resume. The company she works for is looking for someone to facilitate a workshop in an employment program for people with disabilities and limitations.

Stew in the irony with me.

7 days ago, I answered an ad on CL looking for a creative admin in a Manhattan office. I sent a brief note and my resume.

Yes! I do want to be a creative admin in Manhattan! I'm also available for an immediate start. I'm a writer and photographer with some graphic design skills and basic HTML knowledge. I have customer service experience from my work at a ticket broker (most recent). I'm a quick learner, so if there is any software or protocols that I'd have to follow, I'll pick them up quickly. I can also provide health and fitness tips - I'm a certified Athletic Trainer.

I can be reached at ... I look forward to talking with you further about this opportunity!

His response:

Hi Abigail - Thanks for the reply!  You sound great...
Can you tell me more about yourself ?
May i ask your age?
Can you describe your perfect position?
Where in the city are you?
Can you describe yourself, physically?
What more would you like to know?

There are tons of job seekers who may be at their wits end, desperate and employers willing to take advantage or scam them. I'm not a 21 y/o who is new to the "Big City". It's a shame that some young girl will probably fall for this and end up doing all sorts of "creative" things in that office. Did I respond to him? Of course!

I'm 30. My perfect position would be one in which I'm able to express myself creatively and also have time to pursue my own projects. A job that isn't isolating. If I'm going to be in an office, I need windows. Health benefits would be great as well. A livable wage so that I can cover essential bills and save up for travel.

I currently live in Brooklyn. Close to many of the subway lines.

Physically, I'm strong.

I'd like to know more about the job. Are you looking for a Personal Assistant? Gal Friday? Is this a home office? Are you an artist or work in publishing, arts, media -  curious why you're looking for a creative admin. If so, would you also be looking to collaborate?

Peruse these links, you'll get insight into who I am, I promise.

****End rant****


  1. I share your frustration. One of the things that really gets me is the overly flowery Craigslist ads that say they want a "rock star" or a "super star" whatever it is they're looking for. Do I really need to "kick ass" at making photocopies for you? Because they don't pay per word they get into hyperbole...and those are just they unpaid internship job ads!

  2. Other websites are better at organizing their postings. CL needs a a separate "internship" and "non-paying gig" category. I was so annoyed by that man's response that I had to send the response to him. Describe myself physically? Hmmpf!

  3. Funny you should mention Infinity Consulting Solutions. I responded to one of their advertised positions and got a polite email response that said that, “at first glance it seems like we have a pretty good match,” and asked me to call to discuss it further. Three weeks later and he’s still dodging my calls. And this was the president of the firm. I did some research on the company and found a publicity write-up where he told a story about how after WWII his father was unemployed for a year and how proud he was of how his father never for never losing his self-respect during this experience. Apparently, that lesson didn’t go very far.

    1. Whoa. Thumbs up (?) for getting a response. SMH. They're still in operation. Not a good thing. But everything happens for a reason. Glad I didn't get wrapped up with that company. If you're still on your job hunt -- keep pushing and good luck. If you've already found something, Congrats!


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