Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling The Love

Early this morning I was tinkering around with my DJ software. The urge to listen to music came over me then I remembered I was working on a mix a few weeks ago that I never finished. I ended up trimming, crossfading and panning songs until 3 in the morning.

The mix I completed last night was mainly 70's music - majority being Jorge Ben Jor, Asturd Gilberto with some Lingala beats, George McCrae and Jamiroquai thrown in. I love the sound. Music you can feel. On Thursday night, I met DJ Sami (Fuzzanova). He was rocking the event with some great 60's & 70's sounds. A song I thought was Jorge Ben was actually Emilio Santiago he told me - a new artist to add to my music library!

The instantaneous change in my mood was uncanny. I wasn't feeling down before I started but I had an unbelievable energy boost afterwards. Music does that. And like scents can trigger memories, so does music. My life definitely has a soundtrack. Once I "assign" a song to someone, it's theirs forever. I write to music and many of my stories and scripts are set to music. I refer to certain songs in my scenes, quote lyrics or the rhythm of my story mirrors the song I'm writing too.

I was given the opportunity to DJ at my favorite haunt. Opportunities knock... I'm ready to add DJ to my list of creative endeavors. I've never done it before so it's all about learning to express myself in that way.  They're willing to let me learn from scratch on their equipment. I made 2 mixes, sort of as an "audition". And the improvement from the first to the one I made last night... yeah, I can't wait!

I think my good mood carried over to this morning. Compound that with it being Valentine's Day and I guess that makes for a happy Abigail. I woke up to a V-day text from a great friend. Then Twitter was one giant love orgy and I loved it. I had a pleasant exchange with my ex today. And as I sit typing this, I just received another "Happy Valentine's Day!" text. This year has certainly been all about peace, joy and happiness so far. Can you feel it?

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