Saturday, January 22, 2011

Namaste Healing

White Sage, Juniper Berries & Leaves and my Aventurine and Amethyst

Today I visited the Namaste Bookshop. I almost walked right by it because I was expecting it to be in the same spot that East West Books was on 5th Avenue. The last time I was in that shop was on a birthday in my early 20s. I was hanging out with a friend that evening and he took me there. He bought some oil and a pair of "yes-no" earrings as a birthday gift.

I was buying a birthday present for a friend who is a Buddhist and who I love to death. I knew I wanted to get him a book (he's a huge reader) and possibly some other trinkets. I also wanted to give something to him. I meditated with him this past summer. Actual meditation, not just sitting and thinking. He taught me the proper technique and it's been great.

So I went with my gut and within 5 minutes of being in the shop, I had already chosen 2 books I was going to buy for him. I went across the store and picked up some sage and juniper berries for cleansing and attracting. Then I really got excited when I saw they sell stones. The only other shop I was aware of is on East 34th Street. I carry aventurine (averteen as my brother calls it) around and I've meditated while holding it in various mudras. Actually, my brother gave me the stone a few years ago. He told me it's for luck if you carry it in your left pocket. He carried it when he would go to Atlantic City and always had "hot streaks". When I did some research, I also discovered aventurine is good for alleviating stress and enhances creativity (ah, I see).

I purchased an amethyst stone today as well. The best way to buy stones is to buy the one that "calls you". Don't think about it. Don't try to find the prettiest, biggest, roundest, brightest. Just pick up whichever stone feels right. That's why technically, I should buy a new aventurine that I pick out myself but I've cleansed the one my brother gave me and he said that if I've been feeling the effects and benefiting from it, it's fine for me to use. That's also the reason why I didn't buy a stone for my friend. The staff member told me amethyst is good for intuition and is also a calming stone. I guess that's the reason I was drawn to it. It's also the stone of Pisces (my Rising), Aquarius (my Moon/emotions) and Sagittarius (my Mars). I think back to an observation my friend made when we were at dinner on a Friday night. I was telling her about some changes I'll be going through in the very near future. The writer that she is, she motioned to the water in her glass and said she drowns in that much water, panics and can't think straight, yet I was handling the whole situation so well, so calm.

I'm sure the aventurine as something to do with it. It augments that part of my personality. I also practice yoga on a regular basis. And I keep a journal. I find healthy outlets for my stress. I'm very creative and I'm sure the stone gives me a boost. I energize it in the sun. I'm excited now about the amethyst because I later discovered it's also good for lucid dreams, prophetic dreams and intuition - areas of my subconscious mental plain that are already open and I tap into. This stone will only provide more guidance and insights. I can't wait. It may also end my rice pudding binges because it helps get rid of addictions.

I've had my eye on Moldavite for months now. That's the next stone I'll buy. I can only imagine the possibilities.


  1. That's very interesting to me. As of last year I spent such a large amount of time-ie-energy on becoming more Aware of the Self that I may have lost balance in honoring things beyond me.. That Are me. The stones is such an example ~ though I've heard whispers of such things, I never paid much mind to it. This opens me up to quite an interesting study, and Surely, I'd love to hit up this bookshop with you some time! I can almost breathe in the serenity of this space through your post alone :)

  2. 1st off, I must start by saying I am so glad the links finally worked. :-)

    Yeah, I'll totally go with you to the shop. They even have a tarot reader there.

    As far as the stones, think about it, both the stones and ourselves come from the earth and contain minerals. There's bound to be some exchange of energy there.


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