Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wanted Men Wanted

So I had a vague idea come to me about 2 weeks ago. A word collage of quotes. I wondered, no, I wanted to know what made men feel wanted. Often times there are talk shows and articles and blogs about women and their wants, needs, desires. But what about men? Surely, they wanted to feel wanted. And since I was questioning it, did men feel wanted by their families, friends, lovers, coworkers, society?

I am surrounded by a wonderful network of men.  I turned to a few of them for this one. I sent these questions to them as a guide--

What makes you feel wanted as a man?

What makes you feel wanted by your family--your children, parents, siblings?

What does your significant partner do or say to make you feel wanted?

Do you feel wanted at work, amongst your peers, does your boss make you feel wanted? If you're the boss, do your employees make you feel wanted?

Do you feel your age or race make you more or less wanted?

Is it that important for you to feel wanted?

Do you want to be wanted or do you need to be wanted?

I got a greater response than I expected. Some men wrote one or three poignant statements while others expressed more and answered all the questions personally and in-depth. I appreciate their participation and their trust in me.

List of Contributors:

Sweet Caveman
D.L. Chandler  
Matthew Ekue
Zamani Feelings
Lenny La Rue
Stephen Lloyd
Richard Mercedes

Men Wanted

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