Friday, January 29, 2016

Workspace Energy

Every once in a while I get stuck. It's not a writer's block because I kind of feel stuck in all aspects of my life - the writing, blogging, photography, journaling, working out, diet, sleeping - I even get stuck watching the same shows and having pointless exchanges of 'hey' 'what's up?' 'we should get together' over and over and over with dudes I really don't care for.

I'm a big believer in the power energy holds over someone. Stagnant energy in your home or office can also affect your day-to-day and your work. I was asked by WeWork what my ideal workspace would be like. Hmm...

Not sure about "ideal" but let me tell you about my current workspace: my room. I got my desktop, laptop, pens, loose paper, notebooks cause a writer gotta write and a writer gotta type. Two different things in my world. I have a stereo with speakers for ambient music and high-energy music blasting that fuels my photo editing marathons. My desk chair is a 65cm exercise ball. Ultra comfy. Great for bouncing and rocking when I get into my music and keeps my hips loose which is important since I'm sitting for long stretches sometimes. I have a big window that floods the room with sunlight. I need a window to gaze out of or  to open for fresh air. If I need inspiration, I can keep tabs on my neighbors. I have snacks and drinks at the ready too. Food is fuel and I'm a machine when I'm working.

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