Friday, January 29, 2016

Workspace Energy

Every once in a while I get stuck. It's not a writer's block because I kind of feel stuck in all aspects of my life - the writing, blogging, photography, journaling, working out, diet, sleeping - I even get stuck watching the same shows and having pointless exchanges of 'hey' 'what's up?' 'we should get together' over and over and over with dudes I really don't care for.

I'm a big believer in the power energy holds over someone. Stagnant energy in your home or office can also affect your day-to-day and your work. I was asked by WeWork what my ideal workspace would be like. Hmm...

Not sure about "ideal" but let me tell you about my current workspace: my room. I got my desktop, laptop, pens, loose paper, notebooks cause a writer gotta write and a writer gotta type. Two different things in my world. I have a stereo with speakers for ambient music and high-energy music blasting that fuels my photo editing marathons. My desk chair is a 65cm exercise ball. Ultra comfy. Great for bouncing and rocking when I get into my music and keeps my hips loose which is important since I'm sitting for long stretches sometimes. I have a big window that floods the room with sunlight. I need a window to gaze out of or  to open for fresh air. If I need inspiration, I can keep tabs on my neighbors. I have snacks and drinks at the ready too. Food is fuel and I'm a machine when I'm working.

To cleanse the energy in my workspace, I clear clutter. It's amazing how the simple act of throwing out receipts and random rubber bands can raise the vibration of the space and my vibration. Dusting, mopping my floors, Windexing my computer screens all make me feel lighter and ready to produce again. I also light candles. I haven't smudged in a while but that also brings in the good vibes.

I'm comfortable. That could be the problem. When I get stuck, maybe I'm just too used to my workspace and need a change of pace. With a growing percentage of the workforce being freelance or independent contractors, I've noticed the increase in coworking spaces. The first one I learned of a few years ago was Wix Lounge. I visited with a friend when they were on 18th St and couldn't imagine getting any work done with all the distractions, the competing and clashing energies.

Now the upside to joining a coworking space would be meeting like-minded creatives. We could gripe about deadbeat clients and the family and friends who just "don't get it" then lift each other up during manic episodes of creativity. That's good energy. The freelance life can be a solitary endeavor so being around other people can be a boon to productivity. Not to mention the networking and increased visibility that may lead to more clients and business. Yes, being a member has its benefits.

In November, I had the opportunity to visit the WeWork Space - Charging Bull (thanks EverUP! Big ups to Cacy Forgenie of FlavorPill!). EverUp commemorated their launch with panels, workshops and talks over the course of 2 days during Everup IRL. I attended the talk "Love Your Work. Work Your Love." lead by Dave Brown of Holiday Matinee. WeWork coworking spaces are popping up all over New York. Find out if they have locations in your city and go check it out. They offer free tours of the offices.

I haven't taken the plunge to join a coworking space because of the fees, that fact that I'd have to "travel to work" which is something I like not having to do and I would have to change some of my work habits (blasting music or listening to a TV show for background noise, lighting candles, breaking out into a mini workout, afternoon self-love sessions, not wearing pants etc.)

After getting a glimpse of how the other half works at NeueHouse, the exclusivity had an air of exclusion to it. Perhaps a place like WeWork is more like a clubhouse, less stiff or less "office", less "country club". Maybe getting swept up in the current of other self-starters, entrepreneurs and freelancers would mean I would get stuck less often.

Are you a member of a coworking space? What's your experience been like? How's the energy? What do you do to maintain good energy in your workspace?

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