Friday, March 22, 2013

A Random Moment With A Proud Owner Of A Micropenis (NSFW)

Martin, proud owner of a  micropenis

I stumbled on to his tumblr, Martin's Tiny Penis, a few months ago via reblogs. Martin has a micropenis and is proud of it. I am always intrigued by bodies, their owners and the relationship people have with/in their bodies.  He has a willingness to show himself and answer questions and reply to the comments from tumblr followers. I had a few questions of my own which he was happy to answer.

NSFW photos after the jump...

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When did you decide to embrace your micropenis instead of keeping it hidden?

I remember one time, in high school, we had an outing in a cabin, where I accidentally stepped out of the shower cabin and two of my female classmates saw my penis. They didn't try to look the other way and just stared at it for an awkward moment, but didn't say anything either. Later, one of them approached me and told me that she thought my penis was very cute, and that I shouldn't be ashamed of its size. This was not the one singular moment that changed everything, but after that I gradually became more and more accepting of my micropenis.

Are you conscious of your penis all the time or only when people are looking, gawking at you?

I am conscious of my penis all the time. When people gawk at me, however, I'm actually enjoying that. That happens e.g. in the sauna or when I wear my speedos. I intentionally wear tight, boxer-style speedos, because I think they mostly emphasize the contours of my genitals. That way I can show everyone that I have a micropenis without actually showing it. I really enjoy watching the expressions on people's faces when they stare at my crotch. They never dare say anything or start laughing, but just watching their faces is hilarious.

What is your statement on body image?

One should try to decouple oneself from the body image propagated by society and the media and try to be confident in one's own body. People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and so do perceptions of beauty. There's no standard mold that fits neither people nor notions of beauty.

What is the best comment you've received from a partner? Why?

"That's the cutest/smallest penis I've ever seen!" When a woman says that, it really makes my day. I'm not sure how to explain it, but let me try. I'm fully aware of the limitations of having a micropenis: I cannot 'pleasure' a woman in the usual way, but if I can 'amuse' her with my size, and she finds it cute and adorable, then I succeeded in putting a smile on her face, and that's something. And, going down that road, of course I want to be the 'best', that is I want to have the smallest.

How do you handle the notion that size equals virility?

This may come as a surprise, but I'd say I mostly agree with that. I'm not saying there's a one-to-one correspondence, but certainly a strong correlation. As far as I know, in all cultures the size of a man's penis is regarded as a sign of his manhood, his potency, his strength, his health. Of course one can have a large penis and still be impotent, but I'm talking more about the general impressions and associations that people have. In my case, my penis is too small to fulfill its biological purpose, i.e. to penetrate a woman's vagina and spread my semen to her ovaries. So in that sense, my tiny size equals lack of virility, and I don't have a problem with that statement.

Due to your size, you can't penetrate a partner. Have you ever worn a strap-on with a partner to create that sense of connection?

I've never worn a strap-on, but would do it for the right partner, I have no problem with that.

What treatments have you sought, if any? Have you ever considered penile enlargement?

I've never considered penile enlargement or any other treatment. Well, maybe a little, but never seriously. My penis is very delicate, and the idea of someone messing with it with a scalpel just doesn't sit well with me. Now that I'm happy with and even proud of my micropenis, I'd never do it.

What are your thoughts on the mother in Indonesia who killed her son because he had a small penis? What would you say to her if you could?

That's just plain crazy. I mean, I don't know what to say. There are people living happily with much worse handicaps than a small penis. Sure, it wasn't easy in the beginning, but now I'm very happy with my micropenis. I can even have very enjoyable sex (not intercourse, but in my own special way).

Have you ever considered modeling or being a spokesperson for a brand or company? If you could choose, what product would you choose to be a spokesperson for?

Actually, I don't feel comfortable in front of a camera, and I don't think I'm particularly photogenic. So no, I won't model for a brand or company.

So despite not being comfortable in front of the camera, the decision to share photos of yourself is strictly to educate and make others confident? 

Maybe I should qualify that: I'm comfortable nude, and I'm also comfortable nude in front of the camera, it's just that I don't know how to pose. But yes, my main motivation is to educate and help others overcome their own insecurities.

Complete this statement: If my muse were an animal, it would be... 

...a fish. One of those fish with big, soft lips and no teeth, to suck on my dick.

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  1. I'm Martin, the owner of the micropenis. I wanted to thank Abigail for this opportunity to talk about my micropenis, and for showing it to the world. Please contact me at, if you have any questions.

    1. And I have to thank you for your willingness to share your images and your story, Martin!

  2. Thanks Abigail, I answered one of your ads for a model a while back. Other than my wife being uncomfortable, I was a little shy as well, after seeing other model with big dicks. Mine though not as small as Martin's has always embarrassed me, even though for the last 6 years I have been posing for art classes as a nude model. Looking at Martin has really encouraged me. From now on I'm gonna rock my lil dick. go to goo(dot)gl(slash)LDFXs to see my modeling portfolio

    1. Hello Bruce! I love it -- rocking your "lil dick". Maybe once you work through your shyness through the art modeling you've been doing, you'll do photography as well. My series, Bare Men, isn't about "big dicks" or "little dicks" it's about the men in their own skin.

  3. That comment about him not being able to spread his seed is ridiculous, I have a micropenis (2 inches even) and I have 5 kids

    1. I'm pretty sure it was meant in a general sense re: some cultural standards that size = virility

    2. No, I did mean quite literally. Ok, it's long enough to put into a woman's vagina, but there are other issues that make regular intercourse somewhat difficult: first, the sensation is somewhat limited for me (and also for the woman of course), meaning I don't feel much of her; second, and more importantly: I just keep slipping out of her as soon as I or she moves a little. The combination of these two effects make it basically impossible for me to cum inside her.

  4. Frank Sinatra SucksJune 19, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    I really want to congratulate Martin for being proud of his tiny cock. Truth be told, If had martin's cock or any of these micro cocks I would either commit suicide or seriously think of sex reassignment!

    1. I'm glad you're able to congratulate Martin for his body pride and acceptance. I would only hope if you were in the position that you'd learn to love the body you're in as well!

  5. I have a micropenis too. I've had sex. Although it was sometimes hard getting it in, I did get it in. It slipped out a lot but still it was in. I was able to have sex. My erect size is about the same as Martin's but my girth seems to be somewhat skinnier. Men with micropenis can have vaginal intercourse and father children. It's a fallacy that they can not unless there's some other underlying fertility problem. I know I do have another underlying fertility problem. I wish I could be as accepting of my condition as Martin. I also wish that all the comments I've seen from women turned on by micropenises actually were women and not gay men or trannies pretending to be women. Finding a woman who accepts a micropenis is hard, but not impossible.

  6. Thanks for your comment. I agree. I didn't say it's impossible for me to have vaginal intercourse, just somewhat difficult. But difficult enough that I prefer to just have 'outercourse'. If I absolutely wanted to father children, I'm pretty sure I could do it with some practice. I also agree with your other comment about finding women who are into micropenises: there are very few, but they do exist!

  7. Martin, so what are your tips for approaching woman for the first time? Are you instantly open about the whole thing, or do you wait till your "in the heat of the moment"? How do you break it to them? And any tips on avoiding a big scene?

  8. Well, from this article it should be rather clear that I'm pretty open about having a micropenis...:) That doesn't mean that that's the first thing I talk about when I meet a woman. However, if it does come up (which rarely happens), I readily admit it. I approach a woman like any other guy I guess, trying to be charming and so on. When it becomes clear that we will get intimate, I usually try to mitigate the surprise by making some sort of joke about it. But big scenes sometimes do happen, I suppose if you have a micropenis you have to learn to deal with that.


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