Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Musings on Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde


A few days  before Mercury Retrograde even began, I left home one afternoon and ran into 2 former formers--One psycho I'd hope to never see again and the other I think the Universe keeps sending me to him because he has to make right with the situation (He's a Taurus). I'm even more determined to finally use the money saved up for my divorce to file and finalize (ex husband is a Taurus too). Time to end that chapter.

People are lifting themselves right out of my space and some I'm hitting the delete button on emphatically. I've always been pretty good at setting boundaries, putting myself first, not overextending myself to emotional leeches, XYZ, so I'll make sure to continue to do that while I go through this "growth spurt".

Creatively, I've gone back to some old stories. One will remain on the shelf. Not ready yet. I looked it over and... meh. The other one I'm excited to get back to. I'm excited for the adventure my character is going to be on. I'll be including old characters from old work to tell the back story of the characters. Retrograde to move forward indeed. You will love it.

Saturn in Scorpio is about getting myself together. Face and fix things that need facing and fixing. I have been focused on getting certain projects off the ground to set myself up for my next phase in life, making a living doing something I enjoy and that I created. I'm still not having sex though. Not by choice. There's something to that. There has to be. I wrote an essay about it last year. I tweaked it for submission into an essay anthology early this year but haven't heard back from the editors so I'll post it here. Stay tuned.

This is supposed to be a great time for me to find love (Pisces rising) and I'm encouraged to circulate. Man, listen, I'm out there, dudes, let's do this. It's predicted that people I meet now will be in my life for a long time so I guess if I'm gonna have sex I may as well like the guy. Ha! But in all seriousness, casual sex is dead, or it's taking a nap now. I've noticed that shift in my life and relations since 2008/09. Things got way to entangled and emo in ways I did not want. I couldn't understand why dudes were getting attached, like embedded, when before it was just about having fun. Now it makes sense. And now I have to think about what it is I want, what signals I'm putting out etc.

And I could be posting this blog from my phone but like Mercury Retrograde clockwork, my phone stopped working properly. I can't use some features on my touch screen. I can't answer calls. When I finally beat the phone enough so that I can answer a call, I can only do so while in speakerphone. It freezes all the time. The colors on the screen get all screwy. My messages are delayed. So is my email synching. Smh. I'll make adjustments and hold off on buying a new one for now.

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