Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paradou - Simple, Pratique, Elegant

Paradou is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

The Meatpacking District of New York packs a wonderful taste of Provence, France in Paradou. I first experienced Paradou early last year during their infamous Unlimited Champagne Cocktail Brunch. Before things got too boisterous, I struck up conversation with one of the waiters who happened to be leaving for Paris in 2 weeks at the time (a sign I surely needed to be there). But don't fret there isn't a high turnover at Paradou; the core staff consisting of Abi, Gwyn (more from him later) and Cornelius still remain. They're the kind to remember what your favorite drink or dish is off the menu and how you like it prepared -- exceptional, attentive (sometimes affectionate), welcoming.

Feels like France... oui?

Bar at Paradou made from authentic French wine crates

Sit up front for a more quiet affair midweek or during dinner. Many first-time patrons have no idea what awaits around the corner. The hidden (climate-controlled) garden at Paradou is open year round. Brunch dans le jardin est un animal differente. Expect bachelorette parties, birthday parties, we're-on-vacation-in-NY-parties and babies. Yes, I've seen actual babies hoisted over diners revelers heads in the garden (not pictured). Good times.

Now as for what you'll eat. That's decided seasonally by the chef. I've been greeted at the door by Chef Kfir Ben Ari, who you will witness flashing his smile and welcoming guests in any of the six languages he knows. In the kitchen, his creations range from Duck Reuben, his signature Foie Grais, Tuna Tartar, Shakshuka, Cassoulet du Paradou to whole roast pig, lamb or goat. There's very little on the menu at Paradou I haven't tried. Soon enough the same will apply to you.

8 Little West 12th Street

Paradou is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

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