Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tribeca Film Festival - Midnight

The Tribeca Film Festival Midnight section (formerly known as Cinemania) has been rebranded for this year's festival and offers seven films. features horror movies and thrillers where strong women dominate. Midnight programmer Cara Cusumano sums it up, "Featuring telekinetic children, mad scientists and middle-class suburban cannibals, this year's Midnight section is more diverse and entertaining than ever before, and a true celebration of the innovative, risky and groundbreaking stories and styles that can only be found in genre cinema." Films from the Midnight section include Dark Touch, Frankenstein's Army, Fresh Meat and Raze.

They look like creepy, bloody fun.

Making its World Premiere, Dark Touch centers on the sole survivor of a bloody massacre who is introduced to a new life by police and a social worker. But unable to forget the violence in her past, she endangers everyone who has wronged her. This psychological thriller was directed and written by Marina de Van.

Frankenstein's Army sounds like a creepy, fun horror flick. It takes place during the end of World War II. A team of Russian soldiers end up in the lab of Dr. Victor Frankenstein where they uncover a Nazi plan to resurrect their fallen soldiers to create an army of unstoppable freaks. The live Russian soldiers are soon trapped in the lab with the "cobbled-together monstrosities". In an age where cloning and genetic manipulation are ... not surprised to see this movie making it's international debut. Directed by Richard Raaphorst, written by Chris W. Mitchell and Miguel Tejada-Flores.

Fresh meat in prison or fresh meat to cannibals? A gang of dsyfunctional criminals left the former and ended up in the latter. Fresh Meat is an action-packed horror comedy of a prison-breakout gang who end up in the garage of an upper-class Maori family who have a taste for human flesh. A bloody showdown ensues directed by Danny Mulheron and written by Briar Grace-Smith.

Raze, stars Zoe Bell (stuntwoman from Inglorious Basterds and Kill Bill 1&2) as Sabrina who is abducted and forced to battle other woman for amusement. Everyone has something to lose. It's different to see women in this sort of movie. Raze, directed by Josh Waller and written by Robert Beaucage take the women-in-prison to the darkest of places -- cat fights to the extreme.

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