Friday, December 20, 2013

Rising Waters 2.0 Exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York

UPDATE: The Rising Waters 2.0 exhibit has been extended until March 31, 2014!

"Chinatown Eternal Dusk", November 2, 2012

I received the news on Wednesday night. One of the photos that I took during the days following Hurricane Sandy will be included in the special presentation, Rising Waters 2.0. at the Museum of the City of New York. I did my best to contain my excitement that night but believe me, I sent texts with lots of exclamation points and took one of my "leaps of glee" when I got home.

Once the winds died down, I ventured out to Prospect Park, Park Slope, SoHo, LES, Chinatown, Tribeca and the Financial District to see how those neighborhoods were faring without power after Hurricane Sandy. Images from my time in SoHo ended up on seriouseats and ArtINFO and were requested by ABC's The Chew.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Naked Yoga Did For Me

Guest Post by Mukunda

Naked yoga probably sounds weird and crazy to many but if you take the time to understand it (and maybe even try it!) I bet you will see how it has the ability to be very beneficial. It was (and is) to me. The first time I tried it I had only done yoga on one or two occasions because I had to for high school gym class. Being naked in front of total strangers was not something I would ever consider doing. But when I found out naked yoga existed I thought this might just be that outside-the-box remedy I was looking for to help me overcome all the insecurities I felt about my body.

As a boy growing up playing many different sports I always felt like I was too small and too weak which sent me down a self destructive path full of drug use, depression and suppression of the negative feelings I had about myself and my physical appearance. It wasn't until I discovered naked yoga that I felt comfortable enough to embrace my body and feel good about the way I looked.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Life Among The Barbarians

Guest Post by Cole Riley

When Abby invited me to do a guest blog on her blog, Random Musings, I leaped at the opportunity. The timing was perfect. This week, my novel, Little White Lies, was published by Zane’s imprint at Simon & Schuster, Strebor Books. It is causing quite a stir. It has already been chosen as the main selection by the Black Expressions Book Club for December.

As my friend Zane says, “Little White Lies is an amazing novel about how making one bad mistake can change your entire life. It gives new meaning to "being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” However, in this terrible age of Trayvon Martin and the stop-and-frisk epidemic, I believe its themes are deeper than that. It’s about an all-out war against young black males and their neutralization by the greater society. As a journalist and former long-time reporter with The New York Daily News, I witnessed how the plagues of educational, economic, and legal freedoms are denied them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby's First Look

This morning, half way between awake and sleep I was having one of my visions. I differentiate those from lucid dreams because I'm clearly conscious and thinking. Anyway, in this vision I was changing my baby's diapers. She had both hands in her mouth, cooing away, relishing the feeling of the cool baby wipe over her booty and baby coochie. Just chilling.

When I put her legs down, she looked at me. She stopped moving her saliva-covered hands and looked at me. I looked back down at her.

Monday, November 18, 2013

4th Annual Mac Off Presented By The Claque

Competitors at the 4th Annual Mac Off presented by the claque

On Sunday, November 17, the claque presented its 4th annual Mac Off, a macaroni and cheese competition. Chefs (amateur, professional and passionate) presented their macaroni and cheese creations at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

Attendees at The Mac Off tasted each entry (some more than once) and cast their ballots for the best mac-n-cheese dish. No cheese was off limits. And as it turned out, many of the add-ins that were once groundbreaking (bacon) were the more "usual" variations. The mac-n-cheese evolution is upon us.

Bacon Mac & Cheese (homemade bacon, Gruyere, mustard seed, caramelized onion)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Make Destination Bar Your Destination

Destination Bar, East Village, NYC (photo source)

It's an East Village bar that hasn't been overrun by the gentrifiers or the Bridge and Tunnel crew. That right there scored it tons of points.

More points for the signature drinks at less than the $15 to $22 cocktail-standard that plagues New York at the moment. 

Want cocktails for $5? Head to Destination Bar during their happy hour (corner of Avenue A and 13th). All drinks are half off. That was a major reason I decided to have my birthday happy hour there this year.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday at Lelabar

Hungarian Pick Salami, Tasso Ham, Beef Loin, Coppa
from Lelabar

I finally made it to Lelabar.

This visit required the right amount of synchronicity to occur. On Sunday I met up with a friend before he took a road trip. It also happened to be the day before his birthday so quality face time was in order.

The last few times we'd seen each other, we went out for wine. And every time, I kept mentioning a wine bar in the West Village but I couldn't remember where it was. I knew it began with an "L" but that's all I had. This time around when I was off the clock, I was off the clock. My brain just couldn't remember. As we walked west along Houston St my friend pointed out Burger & Barrel as a possible place for us to go for our fix de vino. We both wondered about the New Yorker-to-tourist ratio and kept moving.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ask Abbie: I Don't Want To Be My Girlfriend's Boyfriend's Girlfriend

Not Feeling My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Asks:

I'm bisexual and am in relationships with a man (my boyfriend of a little over a year) and a woman (which started as a platonic friendship but grew into a physical relationship as time went on). I was very open with each of them from the beginning about my orientation and my feelings, and both of my partners have always been accepting, comfortable even, with things.

Over time, they became close as well, something that I have encouraged, and we've reached a point at which our overall relationship is polyamorous. This does NOT involve threesomes; instead, at times he and I do things together, or she and I, or he and she (including sleeping together). We all communicate openly about plans, and we all live alone, so rather than the situation being awkward, it has actually been really nice. 

We have rules about dating "outsiders" and safe sex, of course. My gf has been dating another guy (again, all on the up and up: he knows about us, and we about him) for the past several weeks. At first, things were cool, but lately he has been pushing to join our relationship, that is, to have an intimate relationship with me. But I'm not attracted to him emotionally (other than as a friend) or physically (he's a nice guy, but I don't want to sleep with him). It's awkward for me with him, and is causing a real strain in my gf's relationship with him, which is in turn causing stress between she and I, and I don't know what to do about it. Can you give me some insight/advice? Thank you in advance.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Natural Options for Treating Adult ADHD

Guest Post by David Novak

The prevalent pseudo-remedy for adult ADHD is medication, and it’s handed out like candy these days. Unfortunately, the use of medication also creates a long list of potential side effects ranging from mild symptoms -- such as insomnia, stomach ache and irritability -- to more serious symptoms like irregular heart rate, substance abuse, psychiatric episodes and high blood pressure.

Those symptoms are no minor matter, and all of these side effects can be worse than the ADHD condition itself. Fortunately, there are certain natural remedies that can help manage adult ADHD symptoms in a very effective way.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Movember ManGroomer Giveaway - #MowMyMo

We're 5 days in, how's your moustache looking?

Movember is a global charity that's all about men growing moustaches (and those who support them) to raise money and awareness for Men's Health -- prostate and testicular cancer and mental health.

For some men this is the only time of year you sport an artistic upper lip warmer. Mo Bros, once Movember is over you may need something to mow your face. That's where I come in.

I'm giving away a Mangroomer® Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and a Stainless Steel Detail Groomer® ($79.98 total retail value)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dating in Brazil Vs USA: Paquerar & Namorar

I received the informative and timely email, Paquerar & Namorar, about the way Brazilians "flirt, hook up and hang out". I enjoy such social anthropological type-writings and only a 2 days prior, I'd met a dynamic Brasileira and our conversation landed on the topic of dating and  the what-to-do-whens.

I forwarded the email to my friend Danilo, a São Paulo native, and he confirmed that the article was very accurate. Some of the sentiments the Brasileira shared with me at the dinner party were included in the piece. The conclusion: the rules of love and dating apply to men and women.

I'm a hybrid of both worlds — USA and Brazil. Women and Men.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Joy Of Presence

Guest Post by Chase Steele Greye

In the past few years I have most certainly become more present than I have ever been before. The twists and turns of life have a way of showing us when to listen and when to speak or act. It seems that we are constantly getting advice from others as to what we should do and how we should do it. But the truth remains that we all can learn a thing or two from just being present.

Imagine how it feels to eat an apple or even a lemon for that matter. Close your eyes and enter this sensation right now in your mind without the actual fruits being in front of you. You can almost feel the acidic qualities of the lemon and you can probably even feel the juice from the apple dripping down the side of your face. That unmistakable aroma that is set into motion when you bite into it is more than familiar. Did you have any difficulty with this exercise? If not, then you are more than capable of above average presence. If you did have an issue with that little exercise, please read on.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Is How New Yorkers Feel About Each Other?

So there was a survey conducted to find out how New Yorkers feel about each other. In a city of 8+ million people... 414 people participated. 414 people. At least if the study had a 4-figure pool of survey respondents, I'd be less bothered by it. But perhaps when asked to participate in the survey, New Yorkers brushed it off with a "ain't nobody got time for that" since, you know, we're all so rude

These 414 people are those who live and/or work in New York. How long have they lived in New York? Do they work in NY but live in [New] Jersey or... Connecticut?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where To Eat Foods From Around The World In New York City

Photo by Garrett Ziegler (via flickr)

I found this interactive map on Gothamist and was instantly fascinated.

Steven Melendez, a former member of the WNYC Data News Team compiled data of where to find different ethnic cuisines throughout New York City for Gothamist. For those of us from NY or who have visited before, some of the findings are what we expected -- Greek food in Astoria, Brazilian in Midtown Manhattan and Indian and "Middle Eastern" food in Queens.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moregasm & Magic Wand Giveaway -- #iwantMORE

Want #More? #More sex? #More intimacy? #More knowledge?

This year, Babeland® is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. I, the "Wand Girl", thought it'd be great to celebrate with them by giving it to you good.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Random Moment With Johnny B. Azari

Johnny B. Azari, aspiring grand weirdo

I had a moment with him before he set out on tour.

He's back. The Tropic of Entropy tour is done.

Johnny B. Azari performed on October 12 at Henley Cigs -- the first time in 2 years that he's played in New York. The city he loves loved him back. The night before his birthday party-homecoming show, we got together to catch up -- what exactly was it like on the road?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ask Abbie: My Girlfriend Gained Weight And I've Lost Attraction

Not Attracted To My Girlfriend Asks:

I need some advice. A year later, I've watched my girlfriend gain quite a bit of weight, and admit I'm less attracted physically but also because she's completely in denial, thinking she takes great care of herself. I'm worried about her health. No exercise, shitty diet overall, and a lot of talk about doing this and being involved with that, etc. No action. I'm starting to feel mismatched because I do put in effort and am noticing that she almost weighs the same as me. Plus, I think she's a bit depressed but denies that, too. 

How do I state my concerns without being offensive? A future with her would be difficult because, if there were to be kids, I want them to learn decent habits and take initiative, not the opposite. And spare me the bullshit about loving regardless, as we know that's not applicable in all situations. There have to be others out there who have dealt with this, right? Appreciate all your thoughts.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ask Abbie: Should I Say I Love You?

Gotta Get It Off My Heart Asks:

Been with my gf for a few months. Things have gotten fairly serious and are going great. Haven't felt this good about a relationship in years. I've come to realize that I've fallen head over heels in love with her. Except I can't bring myself to tell her. Not sure if she'll freak out and go running or what she may do. Would hate to ruin something that is going so well. But I'm about to explode by not confessing how I feel. What should I do? Take a chance and tell her or just wait till maybe some day she says it to me first? Any and all advice would be appreciated, thanks!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Said, She Said

I'm sharing this quick exchange. Part of scene from a story or screenplay? Dialogue with tension and conflict help move a story along, establish dynamic relationships, set up characters' likability and relatability. A "getting to know you" text exchange gone awry? 21st century relationships barely live but do die due to misread messages and, for some, the emoticons they deem necessary.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Le Flâneur Et Son Pain

Re-working of Paul Gavarni's Le Flâneur from 1842 by Spenot

Here's the latest vignette I wrote for my French lessons. I started early last month with I met Anthony Bourdain. He was bound to inspire me. A few years ago a friend was reading a book about a wandering man, le flâneur. It's stuck with me ever since, even if the term isn't a common one in French (according to my French buddy). My imagination continues to flourish. My French is... coming along.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why I Locked Them All Down

Photograph by Daniel Dolpire

I think I made a huge mistake.

I jumped the gun when I locked down Boy Toy. Oxy is a helluva drug.

I wasn't wrong in locking him down. My mistake was thinking I'd want to lock him and only him down.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Does Penis Size Matter?

Guest Post by Joey

Today, the importance of size is greater than ever, and that includes almost all aspects of our life. Big cars, big salaries, big houses, even Big Macs. It’s no wonder why the majority of men are self-conscious of their penis size. Is it big enough? Will it satisfy my partner or will she laugh behind my back? Does penis size really matter?

Just open your spam folder. It will be full of penis enlargement ads for pills, pumps, herbs, possibly even magic spells, promising a larger penis in a matter of days. Obviously, it matters to men, which means only one thing.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Ruin My Surprise For The Sake Of Your Baby Clothes Shopping?

This Man Will Dress His Baby in Weird Reds and Dark Whites all in Celebration of Womanhood

Guest Post By StarPower

I really don't want to know my baby's sex until it's born. I'm not very concerned about people not knowing what color clothes to buy him/her. Sorry, I love my folks, but that's nonsense. And I know there are only, like, 10 colors (People say there are mad colors, but when pressed they just name variations of the real colors. There's only red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black, white, grey, purple and brown and probably teal. Beige and honey and all that is either dark white or light brown. All those auburns and maroons and rusts are either weird browns or weird reds. Anything indigo or violet or magenta is filed under off-blues or shades of purple. And orange basically covers anything that looks like it's not red or yellow but close. There are other colors but certain animals can see them, not us. Still, we do alright with the 9 or 10 we have.). But that means you have 8 to choose from, including their thousands of variations.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Darker Side of Lust 5th Anniversary Poll

Could this be the last time you see The Legs?

This year in particular I've really noticed how time flies -- Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day -- all a blur. Any one in the Northern Hemisphere remember spring? Whoa.

I saw candy corn on display last week and refused to buy any. It's too soon!

That being said, it hit me that December is right around the corner. December 2014 is not far behind that. 12/14 marks 5 years since I published my erotic short story collection, The Darker Side of Lust.

I will release a 5th Anniversary Edition but what about it will say "Fabulous Five" Years? I have a few ideas but I also need your help deciding! Please take a few seconds to vote in my poll -- one question, four choices!

It will be 2014 before we know it...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Man's Journey Into "CrossFit"

Guest Post By JR


I've always been athletic; captain of my high school hockey team, briefly played in college, and at age almost-34 I still manage to strap on the skates. I've been put through workouts on a regular basis by a former Navy SEAL who had both knees replaced and would still throw 500 lbs on the squat rack and make it look like child's play. I'm no a stranger to the weight room. I've also done some stints as a bouncer, I run regularly and I've participated in "mud runs".

Using and improving my physical fitness has always been a passion of mine. I find it a stress-reliever, energy-booster and confidence-improver. So when a friend of mine invited me to join a CrossFit-like training class I jumped at the opportunity to try something new.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Masters of Sex

Ah sex. We love it, don't we? In 1956 America, folks were doing it but not for reasons we may think.

The thought that a woman could enjoy sex simply because and not need love to go along with it was unheard of.

Sex, no matter if it's for the sake of science, was considered smut.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Buddhism, Parenting and Body Acceptance

Guest Post by Glendaliz Camacho

21 Divisiones and Buddhism have helped me be a slightly better mom, have a better relationship with my body, cope with grief and date men who look like this disgruntled baby (which I swear, is actually a good thing, but is another story for another day).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Random Moment With Johnny B. Azari

Johnny B. Azari, singer/songwriter and rambling man | Photo by Zach Gold

I met Johnny B. Azari at the restaurant Les Enfants Terribles (no more), then a week later I accepted his invitation to attend a performance of his blues duo (no more). Last year, I found out he wasn't in New York City anymore. But my love and intrigue for Johnny B. hasn't waned. He's currently touring the US -- The Tropic of Entropy tour -- leaving his mark and being marked. Track his musicmovies and live performance dates on his website. Keep up with this ramblin' man on Instagram. He's making his way back east and when he gets to New York, I'll be sure to catch up with him for an update.

Before he embarked on his tour, I had a few questions for him...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Mr. Anthony Bourdain

Of all the sidewalks in all the world he showed up on mine.

It was a bright, Thursday afternoon and I was heading back towards Columbus Circle from CBS Broadcast Center. As I passed my old stomping ground, the Time Warner Center, I looked up from my phone and there he stood.

He was there. Nerves bubbled up inside me but I didn't stop walking, I didn't alter the course. I knew I had to say something. Never mind that I was carrying two man grooming products in my handHe moved his cell phone from his ear just as I got to him.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mon Amie With The Expensive Bags Et Non D'argent

Photo by Abigail Ekue Photography

Using a lot of the vocabulary I learned during my last French-English exchange, I forced myself to write in the past tense and to write questions  -- both things I haven't grasped yet. I originally intended this French lesson assignment to be a "see dog run" paragraph. It quickly devolved into a story. I'm a writer. I can't help myself. I have a flair for the dramatic at times.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Progress With The French Language

photograph de mon livre

As some of you know, I've been learning French. When I have time, I do lessons on Rosetta Stone and I meet with a language buddy -- she's learning English and I'm learning French. I've done a worse job lately of making time for my lessons and I've had to learn to take à pas de bébé.

Last week, I wrote a paragraph in French. Using some of the vocabulary I'd recently learned, I embarked on the challenge:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slut Shaming, Miscommunication And Amazing Sex

I saw George again. A week had passed since we'd last been together when I received a text from him during rush hour which read, "You must be in need of a massage later".

I will never decline his invites (as long as I'm free) due to his track record of sexing me down and his actual massages. We settled on the when and the what I should bring with me:  massage oil -- and condoms.

I'm working with a good stash so that wasn't an issue. The issue came moments later.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Note From A Nice Native New Yorker

Americans still think New Yorkers are mean, rude and arrogant. Yet they flock to this city in the MILLIONS. Henry Stewart of Brooklyn Magazine expressed his annoyance in the article "Why Do Americans Think New Yorkers Are So Mean?":

The last two times I went to Manhattan, no fewer than four pedestrians and straphangers asked me for directions. I guess I've just got one of those faces, the one that gets me elected foreman when I'm on jury duty, but I can't stand on a street corner without fielding queries as to which direction whatever avenue is or sit on the subway without explaining how to get to Canal Street if the R train's not going to the city from Brooklyn. And what do I get for my patience and trouble? A bunch of survey takers telling me I'm a jerk.


Monday, August 26, 2013

New York Dollar Pizza

99 Cent Fresh Pizza on 6th Avenue in New York

Recently I've been asked more than once what I think is the best pizza in NY. This past weekend a woman on my Boozy Treats Tour asked as we walked by Lombardi's on Spring St. A man visiting NY with his son from LA inquired a week or so before which pizza was great.

I've done Fornino. I've done Di Fara but must say, I'm a fan of dollar pizza. One reason I gave the woman on my tour was dollar pizza "reminds me of pizza we used to get back in the day." Sometimes I forget that dollar pizza is available again. In this day and age of the $8 or more lunch, there are times when I'm "broke" and wonder what to grab to eat. Then I remember, "Oh snap! I could get dollar pizza!"  Day made.

Here are the three dollar pizza spots that I frequent very often.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Oxy Made Me Lock Him Down

The "him" I locked down is in fact my Boy Toy. The entry  --"The Oxy Made Me Lock Him Down" -- from my Back in the Saddle series has been published in Senshēǝnt Magazine!

Senshēǝnt Magazine is for the 'sexually empowered woman' and allows access to a wealth of experience and information. Check out the magazine here

Join us on Facebook to share your personal experiences and expansion! 

*   *   *

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Brief Wondrous Life of My FWB

Our view from the water

Before George, before my Boy Toy, there was Fuddy.

To be really honest, our hookup was more for him than for me. I'd already vowed I was done providing the warm, healing embrace of my vagina to men who were going through shit, had issues, not up to par etc. Once you state something, it is so. I was also off the heels of the man I said I'd never do and had no intention on settling for sex of a lesser quality.

It turns out with Fuddy, once was enough. We can look back on it as the way we commemorated his 3-year anniversary of coming to NY and we have a hysterical memory to boot.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doin' It In The Park

Looking for the tale of how Boy Toy and I got acquainted in the park? 

That entry -- "Doin' It In The Park" -- from my Back in the Saddle series has been published in Senshēǝnt Magazine!

Senshēǝnt Magazine is for the 'sexually empowered woman' and allows access to a wealth of experience and information. Check out the premier issue here

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Man I Said I'd Never Do

To the one who started (or ended) it all


We met during the FIFA Confederations Cup. Unfortunately, I wasn't in Brazil for the tournament. I watched the host country battle Uruguay on the big screen, broadcast in Portuguese, while I ate linguiça frita mandioca. A few days later, I watched Spain and Italy go to a 7-round penalty shootout, ginger beer in hand. On the day of the Brazil v Spain Championship game, I met a Mexican.

Juan Manuel Francisco Javier* didn't look "indigenous" (his words, not mine) and he was at least 5'10". Immediately after he told me he was an Afro-Cuban drummer (he broke down batá to me) and a saxophone player his hands and lips stood out even more; his hands screamed power, his lips fuller.

Friday, August 16, 2013

On Letting Him Come Over To My Place

Chivas and condoms: After

It was like fucking Manuel Ferrara. Not that I've fucked Manuel Ferrara but I've watched enough of his movies and have been left exhausted by own French Manu in the past to get a pretty good idea what it'd be like.

While I was on top of my Italiano-Portoghese boy toy he held onto my breasts like handlebars. And the eye contact was the most intense I've had in a long time. I was afraid to blink! When he felt my body close around him he pulled me down on top of him and I was on the receiving end of those forceful upward thrusts I'm a sucker for. MS MR sang Bones while we boned.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lay Your Hands On Me


Yes, this encounter includes a massage, just like my story of the same name, but this one ends differently. It begins differently too.

On a Sunday night, I, minding my business, checked my phone and saw 3 new text messages from George*.They'd been sent almost 2 hours prior. I was in another room yucking it up with friends and hadn't heard my phone ring.

I turned down George's invite to go over to his place. It was late and I had settled in to do some writing for the night. He revealed he was alone and figured he'd ask anyway. No harm, no foul. I teased him that he was gonna guilt me into saying yes but I really had to do my writing. If things were different on my end I would've just invited him over.

Text from George: No problem. just come here :)

I told him I wouldn't get much writing done at his place. For one of the few times in my life I didn't mean that with any adult or sexual undertone. I figured it would be like the first night George and I met and I went over to his place -- we'd sit and talk, he'd play his instruments, we'd sip on orange juice, he'd light up, we'd discuss art and the artist's life...

That's not what he had in mind this time.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

He Only Plays with Pussies

The first pussy he played with that day

It all started with his question: Want to meet? I was down. It'd been about a year since we'd last seen each other.

Wait, here's a little backstory:  I read an article about Bushwick and they mentioned his cafe. I sent him the text: Bonjour! Ca va? It's been a long time! I told him about the article I'd read, asked how he was, he asked if I wanted to meet, fast forward to:

I wasn't up for meeting him that Sunday night. He text me:  It will be hard to wait until tomorrow... I wanted to kiss you everywhere, to lick you everywhere...

Well, that's one thing he didn't lie about. I said I could meet him halfway, that I wasn't going to Bushwick etc. especially if it's late. He suggested brunch on Monday because that's his day off. I was game thinking it'd be at a restaurant. He text: We can have brunch at my place, I'm a cook, remember... Yes, i will pay for your cabs.. (I told him I wasn't taking the train out there). He asked me if I "prefer a shaved face or not". I told him I like facial hair to which he responded: So, I don't shave...

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Sandwich Bar - Take Two

The Sandwich Bar is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

I made a second visit to The Sandwich Bar in Astoria recently. When the manager first told me about the restaurant that presents a "new concept in sandwiches", I was intrigued to say the least. When I expressed my love of meats he said I'd be a fool not to try The Sandwich Bar.

So I did.

Braised Brisket Grilled Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Yellow Cheddar and Provolone

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Timing is Everything

"Imagine if that had happened five minutes earlier," he said to me. My eyes widened as I considered the possibility.

5 minutes earlier, I was on all fours. He was on his knees behind me making a ruckus. I hushed him and told him to stop slapping my ass because the sound was reverberating off the bridge nearby and would attract attention. He bent over, resting his torso on my back and whispered his raunchy comments and commands in to my ear.

We sat in the field with the majority of our clothes back in place. My fuck buddy or Fuddy, sat to my left. We made small talk enjoying the breeze against our skin that remained exposed. I showed him something on my phone and happened to look to my right and could make out a figure in the dark approaching at a high rate of speed. Not a five or six foot human form -- but a small furry figure only a few inches tall -- hurtling towards me in the grass. My mind barely processed what was happening. I exhaled and screamed while scrambling over my belongings and Fuddy. All the while I was bracing myself for the brush of fur or a bite.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

La Marina - Bar, Lounge, Beach

The view of the George Washington Bridge from La Marina in NYC

New York City has 538 miles of coastline. La Marina is an option to soak some of it in... drink in hand.

La Marina is an outdoor bar, restaurant and lounge on the Hudson River. Cross street: Dyckman. I was there recently for drinks to celebrate a near and dear friend's birthday. I was in my usual "observer mode" and would describe La Marina as a beach lounge exuding the energy of the Meatpacking District with a tropical vibe. No cobblestones made for a safer stride for the women in stilettos. Many of them pulled up in cars and handed over the keys for valet parking. I took the A train to Dyckman-200th Street and hoofed it over.

Monday, August 5, 2013

NYC: Boozy Treats Tour 2013

Boozy Treats Tour presented by Native Creative Concierge

Since June, I've been running the Boozy Treats Tour. I take groups of 5 or less through the East Village and the Lower East Side (LES) making stops at local businesses for treats. The connection? They're all made with alcohol!

Things simply made sense for this kind of walking food tour. The East Village and LES both have a history "full of alcohol" -- they're littered with speakeasies and Prohibition-era happenings, organized crime and New York flavor. I launched the Boozy Treats Tour through an offer with Time Out NY. There are still tours available for bookings through September 2013. So far, I've had a mix of New Yorkers and visitors, grad students to chefs alike. It's been fun for me learning new tidbits about the area to share with the Boozy Treats "Tourists" and sharing my personal connection to many places we pass along the way (St. Mark's Hotel, Babeland, Verlaine, Clinton St. Baking Co, inoteca etc).

Saturday, August 3, 2013

He Made Me Do It

I had an intensely charged encounter with a gorgeous man. We got as far as fingers and mouths. Lucky to even get that far, we continuously reminded ourselves not to get our hopes up. It quickly became our inside joke. We were parting ways when he told me he wanted me to email him what would happen the next time we saw one another. I protested that he was giving me homework and I didn't like it. He told me to include pics to help get my story across. I chuckled to myself because he had no clue what I could do with only words. What if I don't write it I asked. He didn't have a definitive response.

"No punishment?" I asked. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Armed and Protected

My current condom stash with your occasional lube thrown in

I'm a condom-carrying member of the sexually active.

As I packed my bag before heading out for the night, I made sure my chapstick and lotion were accounted for, business cards and gum, threw out old receipts and flyers and made sure I had regular and extra large condoms, lubricated and not or ultra sensitive as Lifestyles like to call theirs. I also throw a couple Durex in there to give my Europeans a piece of home. The signature Magnum gold is a given. I haven't mastered female condoms yet (those things are slippery!) so I leave those home for now. I carry condoms in the same compartment with my pads and tampons. Just makes sense to me to keep all the Kitty products together.

Since I started having sex, I've always carried condoms. During my recent drought, my condoms taunted me in my bag, but they stayed put. I remember the sideways comment an ex made about why I was still carrying them even though we were together. "Dude, because we're fucking," I wanted to say but the young Abigail just screwed up her face and rolled her eyes.

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