Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moregasm & Magic Wand Giveaway -- #iwantMORE

Want #More? #More sex? #More intimacy? #More knowledge?

This year, Babeland® is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. I, the "Wand Girl", thought it'd be great to celebrate with them by giving it to you good.

Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex is a great read for learning or refreshing your knowledge on anatomy and mechanics. The book also features "The Babeland Sex Bill of Rights" and me (p.70)!

But wait, there's #More.

Along with a copy of Moregasm ($22.50) I'm also giving away a Magic Wand ($54.95) so you too can look as pleased as I do in the photo...

Want #More?

There are quite a few ways to enter to win:

+ Leave a comment on this blog telling me what you want more of in your sex and/or love life or what "more" do you want to know

- Follow @abigailwrites on Twitter
Tweet me your more answer using the hashtag #iwantMORE

+ "Like" The Darker Side of Lust on Facebook
Post your answer on the page

- Follow @nativecreative_photo on Instagram
Leave a comment on the giveaway promo pic with your answer

+ On Tumblr answer the #MORE question on the Babeland® giveaway post

- Tell me what you want more of on the Google+ post

+ Follow my boards on Pinterest
Leave your answer in the comments of the Babeland® giveaway pin

You have until midnight, October 31 to enter to win. I'll announce the winner, the next day, All Saints Day, because, well, we all have a naughty saint inside us.

Good luck!

*   *   *

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