Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where To Eat Foods From Around The World In New York City

Photo by Garrett Ziegler (via flickr)

I found this interactive map on Gothamist and was instantly fascinated.

Steven Melendez, a former member of the WNYC Data News Team compiled data of where to find different ethnic cuisines throughout New York City for Gothamist. For those of us from NY or who have visited before, some of the findings are what we expected -- Greek food in Astoria, Brazilian in Midtown Manhattan and Indian and "Middle Eastern" food in Queens.

I, however, didn't know I could have Hawaiian cuisine in New York. Time to get my first taste of poi... I'm not sure what cuisines are under the "African" heading -- Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, Senegalese, Angolan, Tunisian -- considering they have separate categories for Ethiopian, Egyptian and Moroccan although I'm not surprised to find a high concentration in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

As this video tribute, Empire Plates of Mine, illustrates (somewhat), you can eat your way around the world in New York.

But back to the map... I clicked through every cuisine because that's the sort of appetite I have.

Check out the map when you select "Coffee", "Donuts" and "Pizza/Italian" and the entire map lights up (not to mention hamburgers). Hey, pizza and donuts--guess it doesn't get more New York than that!

Photo by Garrett Ziegler (via flickr)

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