Monday, August 26, 2013

New York Dollar Pizza

99 Cent Fresh Pizza on 6th Avenue in New York

Recently I've been asked more than once what I think is the best pizza in NY. This past weekend a woman on my Boozy Treats Tour asked as we walked by Lombardi's on Spring St. A man visiting NY with his son from LA inquired a week or so before which pizza was great.

I've done Fornino. I've done Di Fara but must say, I'm a fan of dollar pizza. One reason I gave the woman on my tour was dollar pizza "reminds me of pizza we used to get back in the day." Sometimes I forget that dollar pizza is available again. In this day and age of the $8 or more lunch, there are times when I'm "broke" and wonder what to grab to eat. Then I remember, "Oh snap! I could get dollar pizza!"  Day made.

Here are the three dollar pizza spots that I frequent very often.

99 Cent Fresh Pizza (pictured above)

Located on 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) between 8th Street and Waverly Place right by the W 4th Street station, the pizza at 99 Cent Fresh Pizza hits the spot all the time. And there's always a fresh pie waiting for you. Not a hot pie, a fresh pie, right out of the oven. The cheese : sauce ratio is in perfect balance to the thickness of crust. Oh man, that crust. So buttery. I likes me some butter. I could eat that crust by itself, but I like whole slices of pizza. On the day I took the photo of the shop for this post (see above), I bought a slice and was standing on 6th chowing down while I people-watched and got some sun. An old woman walked by and asked, "Is it good?" while motioning to the shop with her cane. "It is," I said nodding emphatically and chewing what was left in my mouth.

Joey Pepperoni's (not pictured)

The Joey Pepperoni's location I frequent most is on 6th Avenue and 39th Street. Here you can get a dollar slice, but also that familiar deal: $2.75 for two slices and a soda. If there isn't a slice/pie ready when you order, they'll get right on it. And make small talk while we wait. "We" being the mix of Bryant Park tourists and Times Square workers. For $0.50 extra you can get fancy with your slice and add extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, chicken, broccoli, olives, ricotta or pineapple... Joey Pepperoni also has locations on East 14th Street (between 2nd & 3rd) and St. Mark's Place.

Percy's Pizza offers thin, crispy dollar pizza slices in the Village

Percy's Pizza

The pizza at Percy's Pizza is more of the thin and crispy crust variety. For those pizza lovers that usually load up their slices with red pepper flakes, take a bite of your slice first then decide. When I first had slices (yes, I eat two slices at a time usually) from Percy's Pizza, I immediately noticed the kick to the sauce. Mmmm, Italian herbs and spices. I like to pair slices from Percy's with the cool, crisp carbonation of a Sprite.

Honorable Mention: Pizza Gaga

I've been to this dollar pizza spot on 23rd & 7th a few times during the art season -- on my way to the Chelsea galleries, I'll coat my belly with a couple of slices so I can sip wine to my hearts content. Solid dollar pizza. When it's not too crowded and not to grimy I'll take a seat and watch the folks go in a out of the train station right in front of Pizza Gaga.

I have had dollar pizza slices that have angered me to no end that I willingly paid for them. Disgusting. Or bland. I'll be happy to share those places with you. Reach out!

Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

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