Monday, August 5, 2013

NYC: Boozy Treats Tour 2013

Boozy Treats Tour presented by Native Creative Concierge

Since June, I've been running the Boozy Treats Tour. I take groups of 5 or less through the East Village and the Lower East Side (LES) making stops at local businesses for treats. The connection? They're all made with alcohol!

Things simply made sense for this kind of walking food tour. The East Village and LES both have a history "full of alcohol" -- they're littered with speakeasies and Prohibition-era happenings, organized crime and New York flavor. I launched the Boozy Treats Tour through an offer with Time Out NY. There are still tours available for bookings through September 2013. So far, I've had a mix of New Yorkers and visitors, grad students to chefs alike. It's been fun for me learning new tidbits about the area to share with the Boozy Treats "Tourists" and sharing my personal connection to many places we pass along the way (St. Mark's Hotel, Babeland, Verlaine, Clinton St. Baking Co, inoteca etc).

I love how even though this is the only standard tour I'm running now (other tours or immersions offered by Native Creative Concierge™ are personalized and customized), there's always something different going on. The LES on Saturday is a different animal from the Tuesday evening LES. Sometimes the characters of Tompkins Square Park are mulling about when we pass through. It's a huge plus when Julian Plyter of Melt Bakery is at the shop when we stop by. I chose melt bakery to be a part of the Boozy Treats Tour because of the Morticia (chocolate rum ice cream, chocolate crackle cookies) but my groups have had the chance to sample The Lex (sugar cornmeal cookie with bourbon ice cream) and a new flavor, Bold, salted peanut cookies and Brownstone ale ice cream.

Prohibition Bakery is a constant hit with Boozy Treats Tourists. As I told Scoutmob in their piece on the Boozy Treats Tours, Happy Hour In Pastry Form: A Tour of the Booziest Treats in NYC, Prohibition Bakery has mastered the art of baking with booze. Owners Leslie Feinberg and Brooke Siem are always on hand to run down their selection of boozy cupcake flavors and chat with my groups.

Visit the Boozy Treats Tour page to book. Contact me if you don't have a promo code -- there are still savings to be had and boozy treats to eat!

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