Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whitney, Religion and the GOP

I didn't watch Whitney Houston's funeral. I didn't have access to a feed. Over lunch, I checked my Twitter feed on my phone and saw tweets extolling on how beautiful the service was (in real-time of course), how they were being taken to "black church", how glad they were that CNN was broadcasting the service, a religious service, and that that was a good thing. Even some tweeters were pleased to the point of pissing in their pants that Jews and Muslims were being shown the ceremony and that made it a "great day for the world".

Not taking anything away from Whitney Houston's career and accolades, I understand the outpouring of affection and reverence. But it made me think about separation of church and state. There's already way too much religion in this election. The same religion that was broadcast by CNN is the same religion of Santorum. I listened to the simulcast of Face the Nation last week and was in shock at what that man was spewing. But his ideologies are the same of the church that so many on Twitter, so many Blacks, were praising. I've never quite understood Black Christians (my family included). Knowing the origin of why Blacks are Christian makes it hard for me to accept that religion as my own. Many accept it as the religion. That's their choice. I don't like it shoved down my throat.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Period Mistake

Picture it:

A 31 year old woman is sitting at her desk at work. She's menstruating. Second day.

She stands and feels a little damp. No, a lot damp. Before 11am, there's no way she could've soaked through a pad already. She makes a quick run to the bathroom to find a pad barely soaked. However, the front of her panties and jeans are soaked.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where's George Money Trail

Chasing the all-mighty dollar.

That's the one dollar bill I received as change for my umbrella purchase on Valentine's Day (before I came face to face with Bruno). The dollar itself was actually very crisp, but it "vandalized". When I looked closer, I noticed the statement: Fishbone Was Here! in the familiar Andy font. I also noticed the request to track the bill at Where's George?®

Yeah, it took me a while, but I finally got around to finding out where George had been...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open Your Legs, Ladies

Madonna is always opening her legs.

During a conversation in which a friend gave me the play-by-play of the Grammy's (I didn't watch), it segued to Glen Campbell being one of the best performances of the night. I chalk that up to him being from an era where you had to perform and entertain the crowd with talent. This led us to Madonna. I said my last memory of an awards show is Madonna performing "Vogue" and the moment she lifted the bottom of her Victorian gown to "bump and grind it".

I grew excited talking about her "Don't Tell Me" video (male dancers and crotch-watching opportunities) and of course, "Human Nature". That scene where she sits with her legs open and slowly slides her thighs together and snaps them shut. Love it (not to mention the entire video and the message of the song).

Express yourself, don't repress yourself

That's when I made the statement, "Madonna is always opening her legs."

I do too. It's such a comfortable posture. It provides stability. It can be sensual and sexual, depending on context.

And it's frowned upon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BLT, Bruno And Me

BLT Burger is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

As I peered from behind my BLT Burger menu, I took in the sight of the massive steer, horns cutting clear across the restaurant. He hadn't noticed me. He was watching the table full of women before him.

Bruno is his name. He scared the bejesus out of me.

My friend offered to change seats with me. The waiter later suggested the same. Oh no. I couldn't have my back to Bruno. I had to see him. I had to (literally) face my fear.

My first attempt to take a photo of Bruno was pathetic. I barely got past the booth when I could feel his immense strong-like-bull energy. Oh no. Wasn't gonna happen.

My fear was palpable.

The Pisco and grapefruit drink hadn't supplied me with liquid courage yet.

I ordered The Steakhouse, a burger made of Brisket, Short Ribs and Sirloin beef. I'm no stranger to where the succulent beef on my plate came from. I've witnessed cows, goats and chickens slaughtered for delicious, tender meat. I just don't understand the need to reanimate the corpses or mount the heads on a wall. It creeps me out to no end.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Photo By: William Perls

There are coincidences in life.

I'm aware of them.

Last week, I was introduced to the term for those coincidences that are a bit more - synchronicity.

We stood on Rivington Street and discussed art, philosophy and metaphysics. BEAU commented on how small the world is and that his life is full of synchronicity lately. Turns out I went to one of his shows in February 2010 and here we were meeting again, so I agreed with the small world observation; lately I can go anywhere and run into someone I know. Even in the most unexpected places. We're all connected somehow. At one point during the brain-bending conversation BEAU shared his belief that life may be already planned for us. Not by any particular religious deity but that there is a predestined plan. That was a Monday night.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pregnancy, Exercise and Beyoncé

The above showed up on my Tumblr timeline this week. The reblogs and likes included comments like, "I can't believe she just had a baby!", "How can she look like that after giving birth!", "My goal is to look like Beyoncé", "Told you she was never pregnant!"

Why is it expected that a woman will look like a shell of her former self after giving birth? Yes, there will be changes in her body after pregnancy and childbirth but it's unusual for her to be "in shape" or "look good"? The way the body handles the changes (and trauma) of pregnancy varies from woman to woman. One factor that makes the "recovery" easier (and apparently, astonishing to some) is exercise.

Beyoncé was in great shape before she became pregnant. She joined the Let's Move! Initiative which encourages physical activity and educates on the importance of exercise. I'm assuming she remained active during and that exercise (dance, weights, yoga, whatever) will be a part of her life now that she's a mother. I hung out with a friend about 2 weeks after she gave birth and it didn't strike me as odd that she looked like she did before she got pregnant. Genetics do play a role, but activity is a huge part of it. She exercised on a regular basis for years before becoming a mother.

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