Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BLT, Bruno And Me

BLT Burger is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

As I peered from behind my BLT Burger menu, I took in the sight of the massive steer, horns cutting clear across the restaurant. He hadn't noticed me. He was watching the table full of women before him.

Bruno is his name. He scared the bejesus out of me.

My friend offered to change seats with me. The waiter later suggested the same. Oh no. I couldn't have my back to Bruno. I had to see him. I had to (literally) face my fear.

My first attempt to take a photo of Bruno was pathetic. I barely got past the booth when I could feel his immense strong-like-bull energy. Oh no. Wasn't gonna happen.

My fear was palpable.

The Pisco and grapefruit drink hadn't supplied me with liquid courage yet.

I ordered The Steakhouse, a burger made of Brisket, Short Ribs and Sirloin beef. I'm no stranger to where the succulent beef on my plate came from. I've witnessed cows, goats and chickens slaughtered for delicious, tender meat. I just don't understand the need to reanimate the corpses or mount the heads on a wall. It creeps me out to no end.

I picked at the serving coleslaw because of the nervous energy. I don't even like coleslaw.

Sleep would elude me if I left BLT Burger that night and didn't take a photo of Bruno.

Drops of my second drink fell both from my mouth and the mouth of the glass and landed on my shirt. I eyed Bruno. I couldn't let him win.

"Oh look at you facing your fear!" the waiter called out to me as I took Bruno's portrait. I turned to the waiter. Which meant I wasn't facing Bruno. I rushed back to my booth as a wave of fear washed over me.

Between laughing nervously at the waiter's comment and the inner turmoil expressed through my trembling this is the first photo I snapped on my phone. I say it represents my true feelings; how shook with fear I was.

I returned about a minute later for our second stand off back. Looked Bruno in the eye. Held my phone steady.

If you're ever in NY, stop by BLT Burger on 6th Avenue and say 'hello' to Bruno. Turns out he's not so bad.

BLT Burger is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

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