Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Photo By: William Perls

There are coincidences in life.

I'm aware of them.

Last week, I was introduced to the term for those coincidences that are a bit more - synchronicity.

We stood on Rivington Street and discussed art, philosophy and metaphysics. BEAU commented on how small the world is and that his life is full of synchronicity lately. Turns out I went to one of his shows in February 2010 and here we were meeting again, so I agreed with the small world observation; lately I can go anywhere and run into someone I know. Even in the most unexpected places. We're all connected somehow. At one point during the brain-bending conversation BEAU shared his belief that life may be already planned for us. Not by any particular religious deity but that there is a predestined plan. That was a Monday night.

The next day, I was posting a casting call on Craigslist for my latest project and saw an ad seeking a photographer. Turns out that ad was placed by BEAU's friend for the website, Street Life TV (and T-shirt he was wearing) he told me about the night before. Later that day, I caught up on Grey's Anatomy "If/Then" and the message of the episode was that even if life takes a different path, it leads to the same destination. I emailed BEAU to tell him the somewhat synchronistic happening of watching that episode the day after discussing that same phenomenon as well as the CL ad. His response: CHILLS.....

I agreed.

Friday, I was at VICE magazine offices to tape an interview about porn. Afterwards, I hung out in SoHo. As I talked with a street merchant I've gotten to know over the years, a young woman joined us while she was on her break. She's a student, working in retail and photographer. She said her dream job would be to work for VICE. "I just came from there!" "No way!"

Later that afternoon, I stopped by a friend's office to catch up. One our way out, I mentioned to him my decision to possibly start wearing a bra again, once or twice a week. But I'd schedule a proper fitting because my size has surely changed since I last encased myself in a brassiere. I got home that evening to find a notice from the Bellevue Hospital Center with the date and time of my mammography. I'm gonna let my girls salute the world umencumbered a little while longer.

On Christmas eve, a fellow long-term separated girlfriend and I made a pact that we'd get our divorces in 2012. On Saturday, my ex and a divorce party crossed my mind. Then I received a text from my girlfriend that her ex stopped by and told her he'd be filing the divorce. So I contacted my ex, told him I'd be filing the papers this year and asked for the address where I could send the papers. That had to be one of the most pleasant exchanges we've had outside of last year's V-day/anniversary exchange.

Synchronicity is the Universe's way of sending you signals of what to do, where to go, it highlights your intuition. I think it's the Universe's way of saying, "I love you". But you have to be proactive with that love.

*   *   *

P.S. As I searched for an image to go with this post, I fell in love with the one above on Working Class magazine's website. There was an article in that magazine that inspired my Men Wanted Collage and I shared that with the editor Marcel Dagenais when I completed the project. So it continues...

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