Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open Your Legs, Ladies

Madonna is always opening her legs.

During a conversation in which a friend gave me the play-by-play of the Grammy's (I didn't watch), it segued to Glen Campbell being one of the best performances of the night. I chalk that up to him being from an era where you had to perform and entertain the crowd with talent. This led us to Madonna. I said my last memory of an awards show is Madonna performing "Vogue" and the moment she lifted the bottom of her Victorian gown to "bump and grind it".

I grew excited talking about her "Don't Tell Me" video (male dancers and crotch-watching opportunities) and of course, "Human Nature". That scene where she sits with her legs open and slowly slides her thighs together and snaps them shut. Love it (not to mention the entire video and the message of the song).

Express yourself, don't repress yourself

That's when I made the statement, "Madonna is always opening her legs."

I do too. It's such a comfortable posture. It provides stability. It can be sensual and sexual, depending on context.

And it's frowned upon.

Society would have women think it's not proper or lady-like to open their legs. Again, it's comfortable. It's healthy to air out your goods. Female reproductive organs are internal. In order to be examined, we have to open our legs. To expel menstrual fluid and to have a natural birth, we have to open our legs. A man can stand with his thighs together and relieve himself. A woman would end up with urine all over her legs. It's necessary for me to open my legs for these normal functions yet the message is to keep them closed. No wonder so many women are messed up.

I've seen it in exercise classes and with former clients - women who can't/won't perform exercises correctly because they won't place their knees wide enough apart. Women who don't sit properly on a toilet and end up with UTIs or bladder infections because they don't empty their bladders completely. Nerve compression syndromes, aneurysms and DVT caused by sitting with their legs crossed constantly are also a major problem.

So women are taught/trained/brainwashed/programmed to keep their legs closed - the exact opposite of how we were designed. Go figure.

****End Rant****

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