Friday, February 24, 2012

My Period Mistake

Picture it:

A 31 year old woman is sitting at her desk at work. She's menstruating. Second day.

She stands and feels a little damp. No, a lot damp. Before 11am, there's no way she could've soaked through a pad already. She makes a quick run to the bathroom to find a pad barely soaked. However, the front of her panties and jeans are soaked.

I stood there a while with my back rounded, looking down at the scene that lay before me. After the initial shock wore off, I smiled. I hadn't bled through the pad because technically the pad wasn't "there" to begin with. This was crazy. I changed pads and used nearly an entire roll of toilet paper to clean and dry the front of my panties and the inside of my jeans. I exited the stall and surveyed the scene. You couldn't see the stain if I was standing straight up, but I tend to sit with my legs open and it would possibly be seen by a fellow crotch-watcher. I pumped out a handful of paper towel from the dispenser, wet it and started scrubbing. The soap-less scrub did the trick. For the most part. The paper towel became frayed and stained with the pinkish-brownish hue and my jeans appeared more wearable. Now with my hips jutting forward and knees spread I checked again. Nope, if I were staring at a crotch, I'd know that dark spot wasn't just a shadow. I scrubbed some more and that's when I had to laugh out loud.

As I was heading back to my desk, I stopped to chat with a friend and she asked why I looked so defeated. I explained the situation and pointed out the mess to her. And I laughed again. She joked that I took it back to when we first get our periods - all the countless accidents and more ruined panties and pants than we'd like to admit. I wore an overnight pad for the sole purpose of the full front-to-back coverage it provides me. But little help that'll do if it's not placed in your panties properly. You're never too old to make mistakes. And never too old to laugh at yourself.

*   *   *

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