Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bare Men on Zoomin TV

While I was in Houston this past April, I was interviewed and filmed for a new series produced by Zoomin.TV about Bare Men! It was first time being filmed while at work and to be interviewed on camera. I was asked about 20 questions about the series, male nudity, body image, my photography on the whole. It's interesting what they decided to go with for the final cut.

A huge thank you to the Bare Man who was willing to be filmed during our photo shoot and share his insight about participating in the Bare Men project.

The videographer who filmed us is Jason Osborne. We hit if off right away and he handled working with a nude man like a pro.

*   *   *

Friday, January 5, 2018

Ask Abbie: How Do I Make Sure a Nude Shoot is Comfortable?

Me at work

That time a gay man asked a straight man to take naked photos of him...

Straight Shooter Asks:

Hi Abigail,

I have a guy who asked me to shoot him naked and I’ve never shot a nude before (apart from my ex girlfriend who was comfortable with me talking her pics) do you have any suggestions on how to make him comfortable ?

He’s actually gay so I don’t want it to create any problem with me shooting him, I’m totally fine with gay people and I wouldn’t mind if he was attracted to me. But how do I not create a tense environment?

Ps: I really like your work, I found it very personal and intriguing, you can capture a really profound side of people

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