Friday, January 5, 2018

Ask Abbie: How Do I Make Sure a Nude Shoot is Comfortable?

Me at work

That time a gay man asked a straight man to take naked photos of him...

Straight Shooter Asks:

Hi Abigail,

I have a guy who asked me to shoot him naked and I’ve never shot a nude before (apart from my ex girlfriend who was comfortable with me talking her pics) do you have any suggestions on how to make him comfortable ?

He’s actually gay so I don’t want it to create any problem with me shooting him, I’m totally fine with gay people and I wouldn’t mind if he was attracted to me. But how do I not create a tense environment?

Ps: I really like your work, I found it very personal and intriguing, you can capture a really profound side of people

Ask Abbie Answers:

Hello, thanks for reaching out. Well, he's already asked to do a nude shoot with you so I'd say he's already comfortable, or at least more comfortable than you seem to be with the situation. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his nudity. I'm a hetero woman and I've worked with many hetero men and it's never a tense situation. 

Treat this shoot as you would all your other shoots -- go in as a professional, treat your client with respect, keep them involved with the creative process and you'll be fine. If you as the photographer go into the shoot thinking it will be tense, there will be tension. If you guys haven't discussed what kind of shoot you'll do, particular concepts you want to execute, do so. That will help the shoot move along, both of you will know what to expect and that should make it a more comfortable situation.

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