Monday, November 27, 2017

SHE Rides 2018 Calendar

A friend said she was "down for a calendar" of my women biker portraits. A poll on Twitter yielded similar interest so I got to work on a layout.

This was around the same time images from the series were featured on Flavorwire. My under-the-radar personal project had made its first blip on the radar.

Now the SHE Rides calendar is here! It's a 2018, 12-month photo calendar featuring images from the 'SHE Rides' series. I wanted it to be a useful, but also fun calendar so I added the new and full moon for each month, national and religious holidays (Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu) and some of the quirky and weird holidays we've come to love - think National Chocolate Day, National No Bra Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, Pi Day, Left-Handers Day etc.

You can order the calendar at this link: 2018 SHE Rides Calendar

I started this passion project in June of this year. It features passionate women. And I'm humbled by the passionate response.

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