Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dating A Nude Model

I was pondering what to blog about last night and within minutes, Raising Hope switched to a scene of Jimmy in an art class where his girlfriend walks in as the nude art model. The moment of truth--could he date a nude model?

I've done nude modeling since 2006. I'm not as active as I used to be because I'm more selective of the photographers I work with and the projects they present to me. You could say I'm semi-retired, but have no qualms being nude in front of a camera or posing for painters/sculptors/artists.

Being single, I don't have to consider anyone's insecurities at the moment. And I won't have any patience for it in the future. So the men I date have to be comfortable with the fact that I've modeled nude in the past and I'll most likely do it again in the future.

I have no desire to be a stripper.

I have no desire to do porn.

I do not live a nudist lifestyle.

I have a desire to create art.

I have quite a few interesting stories from my time of consistent modeling. And if it wasn't for the modeling I would've never met some amazing photographers, got glimpses into other subcultures and made some great friends. Being nude didn't make me self-conscious; I've seen the change in my body over the years and I've embraced them. I'm at peace with them. I look forward to my pregnancy photos. I receive private messages and emails; my nude modeling has inspired other women to accept their bodies and find beauty in themselves, including post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. Without nude modeling, I wouldn't have ended up in Babeland's Moregasm or shared my story in or be chosen as the cover model of Portraits of Eve. I wouldn't have made extra money. I wouldn't have gotten my first pedicure from a man. I wouldn't have realized that I enjoy bondage.

Nudity is linked to sexuality in Western society. A few months ago the question to-date-a-nude-model or to-not-date-a-nude-model was posed on Twitter, but it quickly dissolved into a conversation, amongst men, whether or not they'd date a stripper. I want you to consider the original question: could/would you date a nude model? Being friends with someone who does nude modeling is different from being romantically involved with one, but what if you fell for someone who modeled nude? Could or would you date a person comfortable enough with their body that they'll show it, use it for art? Would you find inspiration in someone others may consider bold or inspiring?


  1. Yes, as a nude model, I would date another nude model. Maybe even work together.

  2. Yeah, working together is always a great possibility and probably how some relationships begin! I don't have to date another nude model, but I'm sure that would help in acceptance of what I choose to do.

  3. I would certainly be willing to date a nude model. I don't see why not, and hopefully she and I would both benefit from exposure to creative circles.


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