Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rhythm And F'n Blues

While hanging with a friend a few nights ago, a song came on his shuffle that perked my ears right up. It was raw. At first I thought it was a spoof but he informed me that it was an actual recording by Lucille Bogan -- "Till The Cows Come Home". He gave me a brief history lesson on the life of Lucille Bogan (aka Bessie Jackson who was a known prostitute and would at times fuck men with strap-ons).

I know the blues are very sensual and sexual. I got a recent dose of blues' lyrics in Too Much Boogie by Cole Riley. But they were a bit "milder". I'm used to double entendres and euphemisms but Ms. Bogan plunged in head first (see what I did there?)!

The lyrics... Vivid. Honest. Obscene? If you're of a certain age, you know words like fuck, pussy, cock, dick, shit. The language we use today came from somewhere--we didn't make it up (check out Blue Streak by Richard Dooling for a brief history on profane words). Now, all this isn't new behavior either, but for some reason I was struck by the fact that they were partaking in such extracurricular activities in the 1930's. Why? I don't know. Years from now will they look back at my book and think, "they did that stuff in 2011?"

Here's a bulk of "Till The Cows Come Home" lyrics (not all):

I told him I gotta good cock 
and it's got four damn good names
rough top
rough cock
tough cock
cock without a bone
you can fuck my cock
suck my cock 
or leave my cock alone

You know both a my mens
they are tight like that
they got a great big dick just like a baseball bat
oooooh, fuck me, 
do it to me all night long

I gotta big fat belly
I gotta big broad ass
and I can fuck any man
with real good class
talking 'bout fuckin
talking 'bout grindin baby all night long

if you suck my pussy 
baby I'll suck your dick
I'll do it ya honey till I make you shit
and my friends' favorite lyric

Yes, mayne, I'll be adding more of her work to my music library.

*   *   *


  1. Lord, Lucille....you sure had a way with words!!!!! We gotta give you credit for THAT....

    1. Indeed. I still have to dig into her discography.


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