Friday, August 9, 2013

The Sandwich Bar - Take Two

The Sandwich Bar is Native Creative Concierge™ approved.

I made a second visit to The Sandwich Bar in Astoria recently. When the manager first told me about the restaurant that presents a "new concept in sandwiches", I was intrigued to say the least. When I expressed my love of meats he said I'd be a fool not to try The Sandwich Bar.

So I did.

Braised Brisket Grilled Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Yellow Cheddar and Provolone

"This sandwich is life." - direct quote from my friend the first time i had dinner there. She was savoring the Braised Brisket Grilled Cheese (#24, pictured above from my second visit). I ordered the Roast Brisket with Chili Mayo, Roasted Peppers and Onions (#14). To accompany our sandwiches we ordered... meat. The Carving Board -- choice of 3 meats served straight up. We went with the pork, turkey and roast beef (not pictured). 

"It's like Thanksgiving!" - that's a direct quote from me as the juices from a piece of roasted turkey trickled down my hand.

Carving Board with Roast Beef, Pork and Brisket

General Manager, Vasilis Lytras explained the process of slow roasting the meats and the hours the staff spent in the test kitchen perfecting the recipes.

The Sandwich Bar is open for lunch, dinner and on the weekends and holidays they serve brunch. They also deliver and are available to cater your next event. They have a full wine and beer menu. The first time we washed down our meal with 2 bottles of Starling Castle Riesling. Our server, that night Stuart, also gave my friend some of the Schofferhofer, a grapefruit wheat beer to try. Two rounds of Angry Orchard Hard Cider was the beverage of choice for my second meal at The Sandwich Bar. 

On my second trip, I was hoping to see Stuart again. Turns out he was promoted to Assistant Manager and now works the lunch and Sunday dinner shifts. Hooray, Stuart! I did get to meet the owner of The Sandwich Bar, Theo Stamatiou. He checked in, asking how everything was. I told him it was great and that it was my second time there. Better, worse, the same? I assured him if it wasn't any good I wouldn't have come back. According to Stamatiou, that means they'll have to keep working until I say it's better the next time I'm there.

During my second dinner at The Sandwich Bar, my dinner companion that night ordered the meatball sliders. I have a personal thing against meatball sandwiches so that was all him. According to him it was excellent. He was expecting a dry meatball but when he bit into the slider, it squirted down his shirt - "a juicy surprise".

Perhaps they should provide bibs.

33-01 Ditmars Blvd

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