Saturday, August 3, 2013

He Made Me Do It

I had an intensely charged encounter with a gorgeous man. We got as far as fingers and mouths. Lucky to even get that far, we continuously reminded ourselves not to get our hopes up. It quickly became our inside joke. We were parting ways when he told me he wanted me to email him what would happen the next time we saw one another. I protested that he was giving me homework and I didn't like it. He told me to include pics to help get my story across. I chuckled to myself because he had no clue what I could do with only words. What if I don't write it I asked. He didn't have a definitive response.

"No punishment?" I asked. 

He quickly caught on. He ran his hand down my back and over the panty line under my skirt and gave me a squeeze. I instinctively inched closer to him as we walked down the block. His hand traveled up my back and he squeezed my shoulder to the point of pain just as he'd done when we were in the bar. He told me that was Chapter 3 and we were still in Chapter 1 and I wasn't ready.

I was ready for Chapter 3... and I wanted Chapter 3.

To the point that I couldn't write anything for days. What would the punishment be? What heights of ecstasy could he bring me to being totally at his mercy? 

At the same time I wanted to write because he told me to. I remembered his subtle demanding tone. His intense grip on my shoulder. The kiss on the corner before we parted ways. Days passed and he sent this email: 

Hi love,
I am still waiting for the email you said you will send. 

Here's what I wrote:

Turns out my instincts were correct. I imagined meeting you in your office and without saying a word kissing you, fitting my body between your thighs as you leaned against the edge of your desk. You grabbed me at the spot where my ass meets my thighs. I moan deeper into your mouth and undo your buttons, almost ripping your shirt. My skirt is already at my waist and your fingers are in my wet pussy. I knew our bodies would crash together like magnets. I knew I would stroke your dick after unzipping your pants and taste you after your precum wet my hand. You wanted so badly to fuck my mouth but I held your hips firm while my tongue massaged you, your dick hitting the back of my throat. When you grabbed me by the hair pulling me off your dick we stared at each other with hungry eyes.

...Hurry up and get to the pussy, but take your time when you get there...

You slid off the desk and opened your pants all the way, they dropped to your ankles under the weight of your belt. My body responded when you pushed my shoulders towards the desk after biting the back of my shoulder. You slapped my ass seeing my pussy juice trickle down my thigh. You bit my other ass cheek and positioned yourself behind me.

We both readied ourselves when we felt the head of your dick slide up and down my wet pussy. You waited. Torturing both of us. You could feel my clit and thighs already trembling. You slowly pushed your body into mine. I push my hips back because I have to feel all of you in my pussy. You stop me. You grip my hips hard and slam into me, your hips slapped against my ass. I could feel your balls hit against my pussy lips. You do it again. At your pace. Your strength sends more pussy juice out of me. On your next thrust, I scream, letting you know how good you feel. I reach down and I'm rubbing my clit. You grab my wrist stopping me from touching myself. You pin both of my wrists to the desk and fuck me slow and steady. The view of your dick sliding in and out of me, shiny, covered in my wetness, makes you harder and makes your dick throb. You hit my spot with every move you make and I'm begging you to let me touch myself. You hold my wrists tighter and fuck me slower making our experience so intense...

But we have to remind ourselves not to get our hopes up.

*   *   *

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