Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Joy Of Presence

Guest Post by Chase Steele Greye

In the past few years I have most certainly become more present than I have ever been before. The twists and turns of life have a way of showing us when to listen and when to speak or act. It seems that we are constantly getting advice from others as to what we should do and how we should do it. But the truth remains that we all can learn a thing or two from just being present.

Imagine how it feels to eat an apple or even a lemon for that matter. Close your eyes and enter this sensation right now in your mind without the actual fruits being in front of you. You can almost feel the acidic qualities of the lemon and you can probably even feel the juice from the apple dripping down the side of your face. That unmistakable aroma that is set into motion when you bite into it is more than familiar. Did you have any difficulty with this exercise? If not, then you are more than capable of above average presence. If you did have an issue with that little exercise, please read on.

Recently, I thought of a woman that I was intimate with about one and a half years ago. Well, to be completely transparent, I think of her often. I am no longer connected to her physically, however, if I am even remotely reminded of her by an external trigger, she is right next to me. The amount of presence that I exercised with her left a lasting impression. This impression is connected to her and her alone. I made a vow to myself that all new energies would be given the respect that they deserve. Therefore, her imprint cannot block a new one.

As I closed my eyes and traveled all over her body with my lips and tongue, I could feel her every crevice and curve. Each and every little bump on her areola to the very detailed creases below her well developed buttocks. I could not believe that I was given a pass through this dark chocolate wonderland of Trinidadian bliss. Her legs were so strong that as I entered her, I felt that she could almost flatten my rock solid tool if she so desired. She surrounded it with her walls like her life depended on it. In my diligently present moments, these are the memories that I carry.

When we are present, we can also leave ourselves open to releasing all that pains our heart and soul. This same wonderful woman was also the prime contributor to one of my most intense moments of sadness. I can still remember the evening that she opened her mouth and delivered a sentence that made me crumble like the side of an iceberg. As I reluctantly received her statement, my head felt as if it were a water main that was about to explode. I managed to gather my things and briskly walk towards the door. Although I did not slam the door, it closed rather quickly. My 10 minute walk to the train was full of tears that felt like the biggest drops of hail rushing to the ground and then splattering everywhere. I was truly present and fully engaged in this moment.

I am a stage performer and when I am on stage, I am fully present. It's a place that I allow myself to let loose and render my soul to all who will listen. My voice seems to run on auto pilot at times, but it always does so from the proper signals. It's amazing how many parts of my body are working at the same time to create the sound that exits from my lips at any given time. I cannot explain the joy that it brings, however, I know that I am fully present when it's happening.

There is no doubt that we are in control of our presence. That one moment when you look someone right in their eyes and concentrate fully on them and all that they have to say is magical. It allows them to connect to you in a way that almost seems foreign to most individuals, because it is still so rare. Presence is a colossal gift to give to any human being. It shows them that you care, that you are in the zone with them, that you have reserved that moment for them and them alone.

At any moment of any day, there are at least a thousand things happening at the same time. The question is, what do we direct our attention to and for how long? What is important enough to concentrate fully on in any given moment? I cannot answer that for you. There is one thing that I know for sure though, and that is that we are not multitasking beings by nature. Each millisecond has the capacity to give birth to something to make our hearts glow. If we allow it, our presence can bring forth an immeasurable fleet of presents. The here and right now awaits us all.

*   *   *

Chase Steele Greye is a spiritual warrior of love, light, curiosity, compassion and service. He loves the uncertainty of life while enjoying the magic that is present in every day. His passions are in the arts as he sings, dances, writes, and creates functional art for a living. There is not a day that he is not serving another human being in one way or another. He is also an avid reader and photographer. Chase dwells in the possibilities daily. His blog, There's Magic in Every Day, is being read all over the world. 

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