Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Is How New Yorkers Feel About Each Other?

So there was a survey conducted to find out how New Yorkers feel about each other. In a city of 8+ million people... 414 people participated. 414 people. At least if the study had a 4-figure pool of survey respondents, I'd be less bothered by it. But perhaps when asked to participate in the survey, New Yorkers brushed it off with a "ain't nobody got time for that" since, you know, we're all so rude

These 414 people are those who live and/or work in New York. How long have they lived in New York? Do they work in NY but live in [New] Jersey or... Connecticut?

Some of the answers are ones even non-New Yorkers would give - hipsters in Williamsburg? Duh.

I think they also equate improvement with gentrification.

Best food (see above). Poor Little Italy. Poor reduced-to-one-block Little Italy. If we're using "Italian" as a barometer, it seems those chosen 414 might not be aware of Arthur Avenue in The Bronx or Via Vespucci in Greenpoint. And um, seafood in City Island? Hello!

Which brings me to this: the "best food" only includes, Italian, Chinese or some overpriced hybrid of the "worst food" found in Washington Heights and the South Bronx? Hmm... I'm all for eating out and splurging sometimes but I eat in my neighborhood(s) and I eat GOOD.

Harlem is most improved and least liked. Umm?

Yeah Midtown. Yeah those tourists. I do my best to bring my clients to anywhere other than Midtown or tell those who I'm planning itineraries for, and I quote: there's so much more to New York than Times Square! (Yes, I include the exclamation point every time)

I called out Staten Island before I saw the map. Ha! If you can't walk there, New Yorkers ain't going. We can walk to New Jersey but not to Staten Island. That says something...

What are your thoughts on these maps? Are there any questions you wish were included in the survey?

View the rest of the maps from this survey on Business Insider.

All maps courtesy of: Mike Nudelman Coloration: Walter Hickey, Business Insider

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