Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Said, She Said

I'm sharing this quick exchange. Part of scene from a story or screenplay? Dialogue with tension and conflict help move a story along, establish dynamic relationships, set up characters' likability and relatability. A "getting to know you" text exchange gone awry? 21st century relationships barely live but do die due to misread messages and, for some, the emoticons they deem necessary.


He Said: Do u drink or smoke?

She Said: I'm a social drinker. I don't smoke.

He Said: Ok good. Would you get mad if I said I smoke?

She Said: No I wouldn't be mad if you said you smoke.

He Said: Ok. Well I do smoke budd. But I don't drink.

She Said: So if I said I would've been mad you wouldn't have said so? That's strange.

He Said: No either way I would of been straight up with you. So how's that strange?

She Said: It's strange because why would it matter if I'd be mad or not. What you do is what you do. And you said would I be mad if you told me so it was like you would've lied or you were seeking approval.

He Said: Don't read too much into it, Sweetie. I'm just asking that's all

She Said: Wasn't reading into it. I read what it is. You asked me if I drink or smoke. I answered directly. I didn't answer you like would you be mad if I told you I drink.

He Said: So I see you have to have the last word huh?

She Said: I explained my point of view because you asked. Has nothing to do with having the last word.

He Said: Ok. You made your point. Lets move on.

***End Scene***

Who's right? Is anybody wrong?

*   *   *

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