Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning To Take Baby Steps

Learning how to take baby steps is going to take baby steps. I like quicker results. Not overnight -- I know that's not realistic in most situations. But fast results? Why not.

I'm currently learning French. Since last year it was me and Rosetta Stone and French films online. I've gotten better but with my other projects I haven't been able to do as many lessons as I'd like. I now meet with a language partner -- my English for her French. It feels like I can barely communicate at times. Other days, I understand what she's saying and I've even found myself understanding conversations tourist families are having on the street. It's the days when my brain doesn't work that make me remember I have to take a step back and start from the beginning -- the textbook beginning not the immersion beginning. I'm going to write a story en français at some point so... j'ai besoin avancer à pas de bébé.

I had my first DJ gig two weeks ago that I was really looking forward to. It was a new experience and I'd got to step out of my comfort zone, use new DJ software, use my intuitive skills to read a room and play music accordingly and in the end, just have fun time with friends and strangers. To take the leap from laptop to turntable...will require baby steps.

Same goes for my old written work I want finish or revise for public consumption. So goes it for improving my graphic design skills. I did it with my photography; I learned from the ground up. Same goes for any of my other projects and ventures. Baby steps, Abigail. They will pay off.

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