Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ask Abbie: Victor the Virgo and His Flaky Pisces Fish

Victor our Virgo wants to make sure he doesn't blow it again with his super cute, confusing Pisces woman... and get through their date on Thursday night.

Victor the Virgo asks:

Well I am a Virgo male and I'm very interested in this super cute and amazing Pisces woman. We're still friends and we only fooled around 1 time in back in December. I told her that I cared for her too much to have sex when we are drunk so we stayed friends. I was courting her big time and she knew I wanted more than friends... we had such a great time these last 2 months. We had this trip to Miami Beach planned -- amazing Trump hotel suite over the ocean which I knew she would love. I was going to pay...but she canceled the trip, she said "too much pressure" ??? I was shocked and upset about this ... I sent some stupid texts to her. That's wrong I know so we did not text or talk at all for a week or so. 

She sent me a text and to me that's kinda flaky so we have not seen each other in two weeks. Last week she started texting me about random things like issues in her apartment and stuff like that. And I always helped her in these things and enjoyed helping her tremendously. I bought her flowers and nice scarfs that she likes. We just had a great time together. Her bday is next week and she loves hand creams and lotions. I was thinking of getting her a basket assortment of those. I sent her a text and said we should catch up ...and get a drink. She agreed. I miss her but I'm not sure how to feel about it ....she is so confusing.

I went on other dates these past 2 weeks and sat there thinking about her the entire time. I do truly miss my friend the little fish. She makes me calm and its so easy to talk to her. I just have a hard time expressing myself to her. I don't want to blow it again this week. We are meeting up on Thursday. I'm kinda nervous. What does the moon mean tonight?

Ask Abbie answers: 

Virgo and Pisces are compatible signs so there's a reason you two are friends to begin with. Both are "caretaking" signs and can be slow to trust. Pisces tends to become like their partner. Virgo likes to dote on their partner. It also helps if you know your rising and moon signs so you can get a clearer picture. First, for her birthday, I'd choose a creative gift -- something you make yourself will be great. If you decide to "do something", choose an activity to do with the arts - music, photography, cooking etc. Since she likes the hand creams and lotions, if you know her favorite scent you get a set custom-made.

She sounds like the type of Pisces who is "in the clouds". They tend to be dreamers. Good work not hooking up when you were drunk. But she's being honest with you that a trip to Miami would be too much. She knows you want to be more than friends and she's probably not ready for that. Doesn't mean she doesn't like you. She sent you the texts about her apartment and whatnot because she still wants to maintain a friendship with you, be in contact etc. You can't expect her to want what you want when you want it. Continue to be honest and hope she's honest too. And whatever answer she gives, respect it. Definitely can't force anything. Plus you want to be with someone who wants to be with you. Don't send her any "stupid texts" just because your ego is hurt. 

Don't be nervous about Thursday. You're still friends. And since you can talk to her easily, admit your feelings and let it be. Be in the moment. This full moon is in Virgo so you may be feeling the effects more than most. Full moons tend to be emotional.


We're rooting for you, Victor! Have a magical night on Thursday.

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