Monday, February 18, 2013

City Crab Lunch Break

City Crab is Native Creative Concierge approved.

Juan mans the raw bar at City Crab in NY

Last Friday's lunch was at City Crab in the Gramercy/Flatiron neighborhood in Manhattan. My friend and I had been there before for drinks during happy hour and for post-brunch drinks on a Saturday (we like drinks). My friend chose City Crab because of Juan, the oyster shucker.

For lunch, I had the Porterhouse Burger. Sure it may be blasphemous to some to order a burger at a seafood restaurant, but it's on the menu and it's delicious. And after the workout I'd had, it hit the spot. The quality of the beef was superb. I didn't use any ketchup, Grey Poupon, sea salt or cracked pepper they offer. Didn't need it. The burger was so juicy, the bacon added all the salt I needed, and the french fries were palate-cleansers for more burger bites and mimosa sips. 

My friend had the Lil Lobster Rolls on the Starter Menu. Three come with the order. She was sure she'd stop at two but... The last time we were at City Crab for happy hour we shared the Cripsy Eastern Calamari and the Lobster Mac N' Cheese (go during happy hour and it's half-price).

I can't vouch personally for the clams or oysters since I don't eat either, but the orders don't stop coming and Juan is in the zone. What I can tell you is the oysters and clams are kept fresh in the tightly pack ice mountain that he constructs every morning at the beginning of his shift. It's amazing watching Juan dig them out of there -- like a clown car, they don't stop coming! 

So when you visit City Crab for a bite or for a few drinks, sit at the end of the bar with the giant ice mound and say "hello" to Juan. He'll hypnotize you with his shucking skills and maybe he'll refill your glass a few times.

City Crab is Native Creative Concierge approved.

Checking the quality of oysters at City Crab

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