Sunday, November 17, 2013

Make Destination Bar Your Destination

Destination Bar, East Village, NYC (photo source)

It's an East Village bar that hasn't been overrun by the gentrifiers or the Bridge and Tunnel crew. That right there scored it tons of points.

More points for the signature drinks at less than the $15 to $22 cocktail-standard that plagues New York at the moment. 

Want cocktails for $5? Head to Destination Bar during their happy hour (corner of Avenue A and 13th). All drinks are half off. That was a major reason I decided to have my birthday happy hour there this year.

Owner Mason Reese's hospitality (and his love of my hair!) didn't hurt either. Wednesdays, wine is half off. After 8 pm get select beers with a shot for $6. The night of my happy hour we had One & Done, Truck Stop Lemonade, John Daly, Magners, Jack and Ginger, vodka cranberry, warm spiked cider among other drinks.

Truck Stop Lemonade, Destination Bar
(photo source)

To help soak up all that affordable alcohol have the bacon-infused sliders, grilled cheese or the chips and guacamole.

Grilled cheese sandwich from Destination Bar.
"great flavor gooeyness" according to my friend who ordered this
(photo source)

Bacon-infused sliders, Destination Bar, NY
I had these along with the chips and guacamole the first time I was there.

chips and guacamole just go together...with alcohol

I figured I'd do something "internationally-themed" for my birthday this year. I didn't travel so the travel-themed decor at Destination Bar filled the void. Trunks, vintage luggage, souvenir plates, travel photos, postcards...

Postcards from around the world line the walls of the restrooms
 at Destination Bar in New York

Pizza on the menu, a jukebox you can control with your smartphone, ottoman stools like the ones I own at home -- Destination Bar will be seeing more of me.

Say "hello" to Buddy when you're there. He's usually up for a photo too!

Destination Bar is Native Creative Concierge approved.*

*   *   *

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