Monday, January 24, 2011

I'll Pencil You In

"Maybe we can get together for a drink this week, Wednesday or Thursday..." he said, part question, part statement.

"Yeah, I'm free."

"Ok, we will keep in touch," he said motioning with his phone. He hadn't yet put it back in his pocket after we exchanged numbers.

Yeah, I'm free

On my walk to Prospect Park last Friday and got a call and easily scheduled a meeting for this upcoming Friday.

"What day works for you?"

I answer that question any number of ways: "Any day works for me", "I'm free all week", "I can work around your schedule" or the ol' answer-a-question-with-a-question, "Well what day works for you?"

Are you ever making plans with someone to do dinner, drinks, a spa date, a conference call and they say, "Well, let me check my schedule..." Who are those people? I never have a schedule to check! Contrary to popular belief, I'm not always on the go, socializing and carousing, politicking or collaborating. I do enjoy those things, however. Just a year ago, I would easily be out at an event every night, then not go to sleep when I got home instead I'd be working on photos or writing or eating, just to do it all again.

It's ironic that I'd write this post tonight. I'm actually "doing things" this week. Tomorrow night, I'm going to Don Hills to shoot a show. I met the members of The Nihilistic Sex Machines last week over drinks and a lot of laughs. Then hopefully I'll make it over to Bowery Poetry Club to support Conscious and TastyKeish at Bondfire. Thursday, I'm supposed to be meeting with a fellow artist and producer to work out the preliminary logistics of a new show. Friday is the meeting I set up with the founder of Local You NYC. Saturday, dinner and drinks with a great girlfriend to catch up and destroy our livers. We've earned it.

This week will be the most I've "done" in a long time. I think my sense of satisfaction (and my not noticing up until this point) is because I love the little things. I don't need huge parties or "mixers" to feel like I've done something. I took a field trip to Trader Joe's last week and was ├╝ber-excited. I still giggle at the Trader Giotto's Parmesan cheese. So cute! I'm planning a field trip to Eataly next. Who's down?

With me, trips to the supermarket or laundromat can turn into an adventure - I get a story out of it. Fingers crossed that I get to have drinks with "him" this week and get a story out of that. Once he calls for drinks, the other "hims" will call too. We all know when it rains it pours.

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  1. *lol* I used to be one of those people, and HATED it! I am so glad the only thing I have to juggle in my schedule nowadays is the stuff I choose to juggle. My wife and family come first, then all the other misc.

    *smile* Always good to find another "free spirit" out there! :D


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