Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bare Men Preview (VIDEO)

Work continues on my male nude series, Bare Men. The book layout is at 90%. The images that will be featured in the solo exhibition are selected for the most part. But what was going to be the preview exhibit for my series has been cancelled. The images that were selected for the juried exhibition were pulled from the exhibit. The reason I was given was that the other artists did not want to share screens with me because my work would have to be seen along with theirs and they didn't want any of their guests to be offended. 

My work was accepted in early February. The deadline for artists was then pushed back to mid-March to allow for more artists to submit their work for judgement by the jury. The show that was advertised as not having a theme turned into one that will feature landscapes, cityscapes and nature photography. 

Below are the images that were removed from the show. I had to wonder if those people take showers. The nudity in that selection of images would be offensive? I think the best response I received when I announced my removal from the exhibit was, "Is everybody right-wing Repugnantcan today?" Thank you for all the support. I really do appreciate the global response. I'll build my own home for my nude men

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