Friday, February 11, 2011

C-List Will Get You Every Time

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Should we feel sorry for Rep. Christopher Lee?

He trolled Craigslist. Answered an ad. Lied in his emails. Sent photos. I applaud him for not sending a dick pick first. I don't know about you, but I can't ID a man by his dick on the first date.

I've done the CL thing years ago with some very interesting results. Enough that two of the experiences are inspiration for stories in my book. I've never had any scary or dangerous situations thankfully, and got it out of my system before anything bad did happen.

Now there's buzz over the fact that the woman who revealed Lee's secret is Black.

Yeah, I can relate to that too. Most of the White guys I've dealt with, I met on CL. There was something about putting the letters SBF in my ad that drew them in like moths to a flame. Some of them were just regular guys who didn't (outwardly) have a preference for Black women. Most of them were very successful, "well-to-do" and specifically sought out a Black woman. I remember one man in particular. After a few emails from an address that this particular man was using for said purposes, we met for lunch at Moda at the Flatotel in Midtown. I had no clue what he looked like because it was too risky for him to send a photo (at the time he was a top-level exec at TIME Inc.). Lunch was delicious and engaging. He brought a gift.

There was another older gentleman who wanted to take care of me. He even used the term "slave". He wanted to be my slave. He offered to clean my toilet and lick me from my "ass to my front". He was married. His wife was sick. He made it very clear that discretion was of the utmost importance. He wanted to "put me through school" or give me an allowance. He told me he had put another young Black woman through graduate school. And apparently he had a thing for Black women too - he always brought it up. In an attempt to convince me that I should enter into this arrangement with him, he sent me photos and links of another woman he was servicing and helping out financially and told me details of what they were doing together. Turns out, he didn't totally understand the meaning of the word discretion. Turns out, I knew who she was.

Rep. Christopher Lee is going to have to deal with this privately, with his family, and unfortunately, publicly. There are tons of other men in his position who just haven't gotten caught. At least he wasn't soliciting an underage woman. If he were a politician but single, would it have been OK? Does it matter that he's White and she's Black? Did she have to go to the media? Is CL only for "regular folks" or "perverts"?

I don't have any intention of exposing anyone. I didn't back then either. I'll just change some details and write another story if need be.

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  1. See, I find the fact that people are even talking about this chick's race to be insulting!

    The dude was trolling CL, and he's married!! MARRIED!! We need to be focusing on his infidelity itself, NOT the inter-racial aspects of his affair. Doing so only further empowers the idea that interracial relationships are somehow taboo or "wrong."

    Besides, this is the very same person who'll go on a rant about how LGBT folks shouldn't be allowed to marry, and yet at the end of the day, he's not even respecting the so-called "sanctity" of his own marriage.

    Pffgh ... whatever ...


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