Thursday, February 10, 2011

Challenge Complete

At the end of January, I challenged myself to blog every day for 7 days. I had been neglecting my blog and knew updates once every two weeks wasn't the best way to gain any traction in the blogosphere or to share all the random thoughts that pop into my head.

What to blog about, I wondered. Despite the fact that I choose a broad spectrum for my blog, I still wanted to cover interesting topics. If I don't want to write about it, there's little chance you'd want to read it. But I pushed through anyway and decided to the just write about my day (even if it wasn't eventful). The first day I decided to do that, I stumbled onto an emergency scene on the LES. I even had photos to share. I like to share most things that happen to me, so that made it easier.

I hit a snag when my internet went out for a few days, but I kept living and writing the blog posts anyway. Once I was connected again, I had a few posts queued up. Then it came time to come up with new material. Gulp

Just write

That's the trick. Freewriting. I use that a lot when I'm journaling. I've started many of my journal entries with something like, "I really don't feel like writing tonight." 20 minutes and many pages later, I feel great. Of course, I censor myself a lot on this blog compared to my journal which is no-holds-barred. But there's still a lot of information I can share, questions, I can pose etc.

Yesterday, I was excited to see I had reached Day 7. This morning when I logged on, I realized I've posted a blog everyday since February 1.

Mission Accomplished.

Now, to quiet my mind for a while.

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