Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow! I don't have a doppelgänger?  - That's what I asked myself in my Dailysingle interview.

Apparently, I have two.

2/18/11 @ 11:35 am
My closest girl friend called to tell me that she saw "me" pushing a stroller. She said the woman looked just like me that she was about to wave to her. But then she realized, "Wait, you'd tell me if you had a baby."

Interesting, I thought. And we laughed about how that introduction to my secret baby would go.

2/18/11 @ 1:21pm
My brother called me.

"Guess who I saw?" He really has an unorthodox way of starting phone calls.

"I don't know. Who?"


He explained he saw "me" in a grocery store. A Georgia version of me. He said she had "your kinda hair, you know, but she was light-skinned with freckles."

"Wow," I said. "But she looked just like me?"

"Yeah!" He even called out to her, "Abbie!"

"It was like a reflex thing, you know?"

She turned around, and when he realized it wasn't me, he explained to her that she looked just like his sister. She understood and went on her way. She didn't have an accent so she's an "Atlanta me" he explained.

We all have doppelgängers. I guess there's but so much DNA to go around. Is it reincarnation? Past lives? Or that other theory I've been put on to?

Did they jinx me? Doppelgängers are sometimes thought to be seen doing or performing acts before the living person does them - a look into the future. Or are they just seeing me as they want to see me? I know for a fact that my girl friend wants me to have children...

I just thought it was very interesting, that in the same day, within almost two hours of each other, two people saw "me" elsewhere. Just as I'm getting ready to start anew...


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