Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Naked Nude Yoga (or Coke Fiend)

The above is what happens when I ingest coke. That wire was live.

I took a few swigs of Coca-Cola on Sunday. It was sweet in flavor and sharp with carbonation. I don’t drink caffeine, so I’m not sure what came over me. But since I didn’t want to start walking on the ceiling or to experience heart palpitations, I “diluted” it with Crystal Light.

I took a break from packing up trash from my former kitchen to take photos of the other rooms of the apartment—proof of the condition I left it in. My ankles and feet were achy so I sat on the floor. I set the camera while I sent texts and tweets. Then, this is when I think the caffeine kicked in…

I played peek-a-boo, jumped around like a maniac (cocaine’s a hellavu drug), and wanted to find out what electricity tastes like (see above).

I stood in one corner of the living room and envisioned a stark, quiet portrait. I would stand stoic, like a statue, a piece of furniture in the empty room. 

The room was naked so I got naked. I took advantage of the space while I still had access to it. I shot for about 20 minutes, working up a sweat between the heat that was blazing in the apartment and running back and forth from the camera to my spot. I didn’t have time for do-overs but I had more than enough energy! 

I had been under a lot of stress leading up to this impromptu shoot. The magnitude of stuff I had to sort through and the looming deadline, the source. When my surroundings are a mess, I’m a mess. The apartment was an obstacle course for about a month. I hadn’t journaled for a few days at that point either. So I guess I was due for a creative release. I was able to combine it with something physical and calming…

Caffeine be damned.

*   *   *

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