Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking Back

The 'fro is back. Yet it's a new start. I put the twists in the day after my birthday in 2009. They were supposed to "get me through the winter"...

March 1, 2011. Tuesday. Anyone else consider Tuesday's their lucky day? Is Tuesday your day to begin? I even love the word Tuesday. I named a character in Letters To My Former Self and a screenplay, Tuesday Akers. I'm waiting to meet my real-life Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, March 1, 2011, I decided to take out my twists. I could've just done them over but one by one I dropped the extensions on to the living room floor. With the fresh start I'm undergoing, new hair is par for the course. Hair, I believe, can carry energy. I doubt I'd ever do anything drastic. Color? Nah. Locks? Too permanent. I haven't even trimmed my hair in over 10 years. I'm firm, stubborn yet noncommittal. Go figure.

I documented the moment by snapping a few photos right after I was done -- before I put the conditioner in, all sorts of gunk and lint sitting in it. And it felt great.

I said this year would be a year of firsts and I also made the declaration that I would finish my novel this year. My life continues to mirror the tale I penned back in 2004. Looking back to move forward.

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