Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brazilian Outlaw

Does this border on genital mutilation? A procedure that can rip off skin and lead to infection and hospitalization. In New Jersey, the Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board considered banning the Brazilian wax because two women were injured recently. They’ve decided not to pursue the ban because salon owners complained of a loss of business for the upcoming summer months. A Brazilian wax isn’t actually allowed under law (genital waxing is the term on the books), but like most things, under the somewhat watchful eye of Big Brother it slipped through the cracks.

Have you ever had a Brazilian wax? I’ve never even waxed my legs. Shaving and depilatory creams are my modus operandi and I can get my area smooth as the day I was born. Depending on when we meet, I may be sporting the complete spit shine or it’ll be prickly stubble. The sides will be bare so there’s nothing reaching out from the sides of my underwear and everything else will be trimmed low. Or I do the top heavy, naked lip look. Landing strips have never been my thing and you won’t catch me dying my pubes either. Cleanliness and comfort are my main objectives. No need to be in pain to acquire it either. There isn’t any beauty regimen I undergo that’s excruciating (I’m not very girlie, anyway). 

To wax or not to wax (or “shave”). Every one has a preference. Some men like their woman to have pubic hair so they feel like they’re with a woman and not a child. Then again others like the totally bare look so they can see everything and crave the youthful look of no pubic hair. Does your partner like when you’re waxed? Do they even care? To undergo the pain of the Brazilian wax – is it worth it?

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