Sunday, March 1, 2009


Education is important, right? I do agree that there are certain professions that I expect to be comprised of well-educated professionals; doctors (with working and current knowledge of anatomy & physiology as well as the allied health professionals), lawyers (law is pretty much a book-based profession) and teachers (you have to know in order to teach). But how many small business owners need an MBA to be successful? And creative professionals are definitely split on whether a degree is necessary. I’ve never been formally trained as a writer. I
thought about getting a MFA but still haven’t followed through. I’ve had conversations with photographers I’ve worked with who say classes they’ve taken “slowed them down” or “stifled them”.

My love of the human body, medicine, trauma, surgery, etc would require a return to the classroom to pursue that career. I feel like I’ve done my time – Kindergarten + 12 years + 4 years in college with graduate credits. I can’t sit in another classroom, take another test, write another paper or do another group presentation. If you told me I could skip all that, go right into my internship or residency and work side-by-side with an ER physician and become a doctor, I’d sign-up yesterday. I’m always interested in my fellow man’s story. I can imagine how many of them started out bagging groceries, washing cars or hustling and became successful (however you interpret that word) without ever having to raise their hand to answer a question. It’s impressive. Not that they took the easy way or the right way, just that there’s more than one way.

What I do know is that it’s never too late. When I’m 50, I may decide it’s time to start something new and I’ll have that opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll be able to afford that education. I used to wonder what a liberal arts degree was.
Didn’t those folks want to do anything? Didn’t they have a passion for something? And now I question how many graduates use their specialized degrees? Sure you’re educated but how educated a decision is it to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life that you won’t reap the benefits of? I’m not knocking formal education completely. Early childhood education is important. You have to learn 1+1, language, develop reasoning skills and not to mention the social skills learned in school but I’ve learned A LOT in the years since I left school. Life is quite the teacher if you live it. I still have a thirst for learning, because I’m still asking questions.

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